Getting started with PHP on IBM i

60 mins | English July 8, 2016

Join Mike Pavlak, solution consultant, for a sneak peek into PHP 7, Zend Server 9, Zend Studio 13.5, and what the combination brings to IBM i users.

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Take full advantage of Zend Studio 12.5 and Zend Guard 7 to develop rock solid applications

60 mins | English May 5, 2015

Technologies for Web and mobile applications are evolving very fast.  See how Zend Studio 12.5 new features can help you be more productive and help you create applications faster using the latest Apigility 1.1, the new AngularJS editor functionality, as well as the new Doctrine support.  Debug your application with the new turbocharged debugger and use the latest PHPUnit 4 to test your application.  Then protect your code with the all-new Zend Guard 7 and implement licenses for easy distribution of your application.

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Creating a Mobile App and Adding Features to the Zend On The Go Mobile App

80 minutes | English March 3, 2015

The webinar will highlight how to build a mobile app with Zend Studio and how the ZendOnTheGo application was created using Zend Studio, Zend Framework, Apigility and Zend Server.

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Discovering Zend Studio 12

59 minutes | English December 17, 2014

This webinar will introduce the recently released Zend Studio 12. In this session, you will discover the new features including the new black thememulti-cursorsplit editor, new mobile development, the new mobile application with source code, Z-Ray and Z-Ray Live integration, PHP 5.6 support, and more.

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Zend Studio 11 Introduction Session

180 minutes | English August 27, 2014

This session will help you discover how to develop, debug and deploy your PHP applications faster with Zend Studio.

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Introducing Zend Studio 11

60 minutes | English July 23, 2014

During this webinar, Michel Gerin, General Manager of Zend Studio, introduces this brand new version of Zend Studio and Julien Guittard, PHP Lead Developer at Visual Online, develops a a mobile application with Apigility and deploys it with Zend Server.

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Cloud Connected Mobile Authentication in Zend Studio

48 min | English February 12, 2014

Tune in to this webinar for a practical example of token-based authentication using the default Cloud Connected Mobile Project provided by Zend Studio, with Zend Server as the development runtime environment.

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Leverage your IDE experience: Zend Studio 10.5

43 min | English January 7, 2014

Watch this webinar to see how your productivity can be improved: from faster project validation and real time code analysis, managing dependencies with Composer and testing with PHPUnit to generating documentation.

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Mobile App Development in Zend Studio 10

65 min | English May 22, 2013

A review of tools and goodies available specially for Zend Studio users that will lead you thru jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, CSS3, ImpactJS learning curve. 

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Get To Speed with Zend Framework 2 in Zend Studio 10

36 min | English April 24, 2013

Give us a minute to show the new tools added in Zend Studio 10, based on feedback from ZF2 early adopters.

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Studio's Eleven - Hidden Features in Zend's IDE

63 min | English March 28, 2013

11 little-known features of Zend Studio. If you’re interested in becoming a Zend Studio power user, don’t miss this webinar!

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Developing Mobile Apps that utilize Cloud Web Services

59 min | English March 20, 2013

This webinar recording shows how to use Zend Studio 10 and Zend Server 6 to develop a new class of mobile apps that connect to cloud based Web Services.

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Zend Studio 10 - A Fresh Goody Bag of New Features for PHP Development

50 min | English February 27, 2013

Discover how new PHP editor features in Zend Studio 10 will help you code faster and better, get up to speed and feel comfortable with Zend Framework 2 projects, publish web services ...

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Deployment without the Chaos

70 min | English January 31, 2012

Learn how to harness Zend Studio and Server to easily manage the development of version controlled projects and their deployment to various environments

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Introduction to Zen Coding

47 min | English January 24, 2012

Learn in this webinar about moving from an HTML generator to advanced snippet system, how Zen Coding can be used with PHP, how to add your own snippets and ...

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