Learn how to build the perfect PHP app

Applications success can make or break a reputation. It's important to ensure applications are always available and meet demands without breaking the bank. Learn techniques and tools to quickly pinpoint and fix bugs, crashes, and stability issues in production in this on-demand webinar.

PHP and IBM i 10 year anniversary celebration

ZendCon 2016 included a celebration of 10 years of PHP on IBM i. This included several IBM i sessions and tutorials, a dedicated space in the exhibit hall, a celebration reception, and an exclusive preview of Zend Server 9 and PHP 7 for IBM i.

If you didn't get the change to preview Zend Server 9 and PHP 7 for IBM i, you can still participate in the beta program. Contact Mickey Hoter for more information.

Continuous delivery assessment

Simplify and accelerate the adoption of continuous delivery within your team. Take a look at these series of patterns (plug-ins based on best practices) that, when used with Zend Server, can easily integrate and automate all the key steps required to achieve continuous delivery- from source control, to continuous integration, to automating infrastructure provisioning, and application releases.

Apigility 1.4

Earlier this year, Apigility 1.4 was released – providing support for Zend Framework 3, an upgrade script to update your app, a new Apigility skeleton, new modules, doctrine support, and many other updates. Take a look at what's new.

Try Zend Server in your environment

Did you get the chance to demo Zend Server in the exhibit hall? With Zend Server, development and operation teams are equipped with the software infrastructure, tools, and best practices for productive collaboration and continuous delivery of their mobile and web apps with exceptional performance, reliability, and security.

Supporting the explosive performance of PHP 7 with innovative tools to rapidly isolate production issues, Zend Server is a proven platform to help organizations deploy faster, reduce downtime, and operate at internet scale. Try it in your environment.

Solve open source issues with full-stack enterprise support

Get much more than fast bug fixes with OpenLogic Support. Receive around-the-clock access to Tier 3/4 open source architects ready to support, consult, and educate to help solve issues across the entire software stack and development lifecycle. Our vendor-neutral, unbiased support covers hundreds of open source software packages used in mission-critical production environments. Learn more on the Rogue Wave website.