Zend Framework

Our goal with the Zend Framework project is to let you spend your time developing business logic, not plumbing. Zend is the primary sponsor of the Zend Framework open source project, the most popular framework for modern, high-performing PHP applications. Top engineers at Zend, along hundreds of other contributors including IBM, Google and Microsoft, have built a highly acclaimed, well-supported, thoroughly tested PHP framework with a massive user base and vibrant community.

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Infoworld Bossie Award Winner

The InfoWorld Bossies (Best of Open Source Software awards) have recognized Zend Framework in the category of best open source application development software!  Acknowledging the best business-oriented open source projects, the Bossie award highlights the flexibility, robustness, and breadth of Zend Framework.

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Download and Setup Zend Framework

Downloading Zend Server, Zend’s enterprise-ready PHP application stack, is by far the easiest way to setup Zend Framework.
By using Zend Server you ensure you have all the correct and up-to-date stack components. When your application is ready for testing or deployment, Zend Server will provide optimal application performance, in addition to application monitoring and problem diagnostics. 

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Develop and Debug Your Zend Framework Application

Zend Studio is the most effective tool for developing Zend Framework applications. Tight integration between Zend Studio
and Zend Framework provides you with many productivity features – including code generation with Zend_Tool, code templates, MVC view,
code assist and much more – to speed up your development.

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