Developer Edition Replaces Free Edition

Zend Server Free Edition (or Community Edition) was introduced  to give developers easy access to exactly the same optimized PHP stack as the one used for their applications in production. That consistency helps developers to improve quality and to avoid problems during deployment of their applications.
Zend Server Developer Edition takes this developer focus to a whole new level with the addition of Z-Ray, a great innovation that helps developers gain deep insight into how their code is running as they are developing it. With Z-Ray, developers can immediately understand the impact of their code changes, enabling them to both improve quality and solve issues long before their code reaches production. In addition to the obvious benefits of this ‘Left Shifting’ – better performance, fewer production issues and faster recovery times – using Z-Ray is also downright fun!

Apply for an Upgrade to Zend Server Developer Edition

If you have a license for Zend Server Free Edition, you may be entitled to receive a license for Zend Server Developer Edition. Visit the application page by clicking the button below and follow the instructions.

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