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With over 40 million page impressions a month, and growing at 30% per year, sueddeutsche.de is Germany's largest online quality news site. sueddeutsche.de provides news, classified ads, and digital subscriptions. sueddeutsche.de develops its site with both internal resources and outside contracting partners who deliver code to be integrated into the main site.

Continuous change requires a dynamic technology platform

The sueddeutsche.de website is constantly changing as news, ads and other content is removed and added. In order to handle such a dynamic environment, sueddeutsche.de chose PHP for its flexibility and speed. Sueddeutsche.de has been using PHP since 1998.

Improving knowledge and quality with Zend Platform

A key challenge for the sueddeutsche.de program staff is to familiarize themselves with the code they receive from their external contracting partners. Stefan Kaps, System and Technology Manager, sums it up this way: “At sueddeutsche.de, we contract with partner companies to deliver new functionality within a short time frame. Zend Platform's PHP Intelligence provides the insight we need to indentify and fix errors in source code we didn't develop. Its audit trails and contextual reporting, pinpoint errors as soon as they happen, allowing us to start fixing problems before customers can tell us about them. This keeps our customers satisfied and reduces our support calls.”

Zend Platform contaniually monitors each PHP application, reporting each error with full contextual information. The powerful integration with Zend Studio then allows the developers to rapidly codeand deploy a fix to the production environment. PHP Intelligence allows problems to be identified that have been triggered by actual user interaction on the website and eliminates the need to recreate an error based on often incomplete information that is gathered on a customer-generated support ticket. The end result is a higher quality site and better user experience.

“Zend Platform's PHP Intelligence provides the insight we need to identify and fix errors in source code we didn't develop.”

Stefan Kaps System and Technology Manager, Sueddeutsche

Zend Platform - Making PHP Applications Enterprise-grade

Zend Platform is the PHP runtime environment that delivers the reliability, scalability and interoperability needed for enterprise-class PHP applications. For the first time, Web application managers have unparalleled error detection and recovery capabilities, top-notch performance and configuration control, as well as seamless integration to corporate back-ends.

Zend Platform delivers lower MTTR (mean-time to repair) and increases MTBUI (mean-time between unscheduled interruptions) by intelligently monitoring and notifying you of problems. Learn more about Zend Platform

For more information on Sueddeutsche, please visit www.sueddeutsche.de.

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