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Cloud Connected Mobile Authentication in Zend Studio

One of the most common requirements for any mobile project is restricting access through the use of authentication and identity persistence. HTTP basic/digest authentication is generally insufficient for mobile application security. Tune in to this webinar for a practical example of token-based authentication using the default Cloud Connected Mobile Project provided by Zend Studio, with Zend Server as the development runtime environment.

Presenter – Steve Bennett, Senior Application Developer, Soliant Consulting & Joshua Solomin, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Zend Technologies (48 min) - February 12, 2014
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Leverage your IDE experience: Zend Studio 10.5

Zend Studio 10.5 brings significant performance improvements and integration with popular PHP tools. Join this webinar to see how your productivity can be improved: from faster project validation and real time code analysis, managing dependencies with Composer and testing with PHPUnit to generating documentation. Live demo entwined with tips and tricks will help you to get the most out of your IDE!

Presenter – Natalia Bartol (43 min) - January 07, 2014
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Mobile App Development in Zend Studio 10

Write it in Studio, run on your Smartphone. This session is a review of tools and goodies available specially for Zend Studio users that will lead you thru jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, CSS3, ImpactJS learning curve. We build up a simple mobile app that uses phone API during the session.

Presenter – Natalia Bartol (65 min) - May 22, 2013
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Get To Speed with Zend Framework 2 in Zend Studio 10

Give us a minute to show the new tools added in Zend Studio 10, based on feedback from ZF2 early adopters. New Studio addresses getting started with ZF, problems happening during actual coding and preparing ZF for deployment. During this talk you'll see application and modules being created without memorizing their shape or GIT url. We'll be using variables and helpers without constantly jumping to their source, managing class maps without counting the brackets and organizing code without desperate shift+arrows-work!. Zend Studio has gone a long way towards better understanding ZF2 projects and you have to see it to believe it.

Presenter – Natalia Bartol (36 min) - April 24, 2013
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Developing Mobile Apps that utilize Cloud Web Services

This webinar recording shows how to use Zend Studio 10 and Zend Server 6 to develop a new class of mobile apps that connect to cloud based Web Services. The new Zend Studio 10 supports the development of mobile apps that can run as native apps on Apple, Android, and Windows Mobile devices. These mobile apps can connect to cloud based REST Web Services that utilize the Zend Server Gateway with a simple drag and drop user interface. Built on the popular Zend Framework, the Zend Server Gateway provides a simple way to developer Restful and RPC service with built in support for authentication, data validation and other common services.

Presenter – Kent Mitchell (59 min) - March 20, 2013
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Zend Studio 10 - A Fresh Goody Bag of New Features for PHP Development

Discover how new PHP editor features in Zend Studio 10 will help you code faster and better, get up to speed and feel comfortable with Zend Framework 2 projects, publish web services to the cloud and create mobile applications! Attend this webinar for a guided tour to new and noteworthy areas of Zend Studio 10.

Presenter – Natalia Bartol (50 min) - February 27, 2013
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Better Bug-Stomping with Zend Studio and Zend Server webinar
Studio's Eleven - Hidden Features in Zend's IDE

In this session, Jan Burkl discusses 11 little-known features of Zend Studio. Do you want to know how to debug a web service, or what Step Filters are used for? Do you want to save typing work by using Templates? If you’re interested in becoming a Zend Studio power user, don’t miss this webinar!

Presenter – Jan Burkl (63 min) - March 28, 2012
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Deployment without the Chaos

Learn how to harness Zend Studio and Server to easily manage the development of version controlled projects and their deployment to various environments. As a bonus, the Web API of Zend Server is used to demonstrate a way of scripting application deployment.
Presenter – Eric Ritchie - (70 min) January 31, 2012
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Introduction to Zen Coding

Learn in this webinar about moving from an HTML generator to advanced snippet system, how Zen Coding can be used with PHP, how to add your own snippets and advanced concepts such as how Zen Coding can be extended.

Presenter – Roy Ganor & Sergey Chikuyonok (47 min) January 24, 2012

We apologize for the bad sound quality during the presentation.

Connecting to the World with Zend Studio 9

Zend Studio 9 is the most connected and streamlined IDE we have ever built. The more common tasks have been streamlined and we’ve made connecting with your management tooling easier than ever. Additionally we have made connecting to phpcloud.com or any instance of the Zend Application Fabric easier than ever.

Presenter – Kevin Schroeder (42 min) December 15, 2011
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Introduction à Zend Studio 8 : Pour que vos développements PHP atteignent un autre niveau !

La nouvelle version de Zend Studio permet désormais de développer des applications Internet riches et intègre des librairies JavaScript telles que Dojo et jQuery. Studio vous permet également de débuguer le code PHP et le code JavaScript au sein d'une seule session de débogage. L'intégration de VMWare est également présentée lors de ce webinar.

Présentateur : Maurice Kherlakian, Consultant Zend Technologies
Durée : 30 minutes environ

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Big Data & the LAMP Stack: How to Boost Performance

As the LAMP stack serves as the technology basis for many websites and analytic systems, LAMP users begin to see drops in performance with little warning as the amount of data generated increases– and then try to compensate by fine-tuning databases, upgrading hardware, expanding storage systems, and archiving old data. Couple this performance degradation with inefficient monitoring tools and companies face daunting data challenges.
What if you could achieve much higher analytic performance and superior monitoring with no database tuning and much less hardware?

In this webinar, Infobright and Zend will discuss two products that seamlessly integrate with the LAMP stack to deliver dramatic improvements in performance before and after the integration.

Presenter – Kevin Schroeder, Susan Palumbo, Jeff Kibler  (53 min) March 24, 2011
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New SPL Features for PHP 5.3

The SPL, or Standard PHP Library, is an often overlooked extension in the PHP core. It first came on the scene in PHP 5 and a variety of iterators constituted the majority of its initial offerings. Though the iterator offerings were expanded in PHP 5.3, the particularly interesting additions to the SPL were several specialized data structure classes, the foundational concepts for which originate in the field of computer science. This webinar will provide an overview of these new classes and explain why and when they should be used.
Presenters –  Kevin Schroeder and Matthew Turland (47 min) March 3 2011

Would you like docs with that?

For most developers, documentation is a necessary evil they'd rather skip. But really, is documentation that evil? Or is it actually useful? This presentation with show the types of (technical) documentation that can be written (often used ones such as functional and technical design, but also some unexpected ones such as commit messages), the reasons for documenting, and the tools that you can use to ease the documenting task.
Presenters –  Kevin Schroeder and Stefan Koopmanschap (58 min) Feb 28 2011
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Top 5 Reasons To Use PHP On IBM i

This is the first in a series of webinars that answers the question “Why PHP on IBM i”. The webinar will focus on why and how PHP can help modernize your legacy app on IBM i.
Presenter –  Mike Pavlak (62 min) Feb 28 2011
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SVN or SSH? Let's use them both with Zend Studio!

The Remote Server Support feature in Zend Studio allows you to transparently access your remote servers’ resources - you can work on projects locally while keeping them updated on your remote server. It also provides an easy way to upload and download files from your remote servers and create and manage connections to your FTP and SSH remote systems.
Join Roy Ganor, Zend Studio Project Lead, as he demonstrates how to use Zend Studio’s new connectivity features.
Presenter –  Roy Ganor (60 min) Feb 14 2011

Practical Ways Virtualization Can Enhance the Application Development Process

Did you know that virtualization is revolutionizing IT and software development? Are you wondering how YOU can benefit? If so, join our webinar with technology evangelists from VMware and Zend to explore best practices for leveraging virtualization in the application development process.
Presenter –  Kevin Schroeder and Joshua Solomin (52min) Dec 13 2010

Introduction to Zend Studio 8: Taking PHP Development to the next level

The latest major release of our industry-leading PHP IDE, Zend Studio 8, is now available! Join Kent Mitchell, Zend’s Director of Product Management for a walkthrough of its new and exciting capabilities. Learn about how you can use Zend Studio 8 to develop rich internet applications using JavaScript libraries like Dojo and jQuery alongside your PHP code, and debug both the PHP and the JavaScript portions in a single integrated debugging session.

Presenters - Kent Mitchell and Joshua Solomin (30 min) Nov 29 2010


How to Increase Your Develop. Efficiencies with Zend Studio

In 45 minutes, learn how to create efficiency gains up to 22% in your project development cycle. Join Bill Salvucci, CEI America's Open Source Thought Leader, for an insightful online seminar and discussion on using Zend Studio within CEI’s Global Agile Software Development process. Hear Bill discuss key strategies for development processes as they relate to the targeted areas for improvement.

Presenters -  Bill Salvucci and Joshua Solomin (45 min) Oct 25 2010

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Customer Voice : découvrez Dynacase, Solution de Case Management en PHP (en français)

De plus en plus d'applications d'envergure sont en PHP. Anakeen a ainsi développé Dynacase Platform qui est l'unique solution Open Source de Case Management en PHP.

Le Case Management, qu'est-ce que c'est ?

Un utilisateur produit et consomme des documents mais aussi des données plus ou moins structurées qui impacteront les processus. Le Case Management permet d'unifier différents processus : Gestion des processus métier (BPM), la gestion des contenus d'entreprise (ECM) et la gestion collaborative afin de simplifier la gestion et l'utilisation des données. Afin de bénéficier d'un environnement homogène de production d'applications, Dynacase Platform s'appuie également sur Zend Studio et Zend Server.

Suivez ce webinar pour découvrir Dynacase Platform et les best practices d'utilisation.

Présentateurs :
- Mickaël Kwasnik, Business Manager Anakeen
- Matthieu Codron, Consultant Senior Anakeen

(30 minutes)

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A la découverte de Zend Studio 8.0 (en français)

Développer et débuguer des applications PHP et JavaScript est très facile avec le nouveau Zend Studio 8.0. Si vous utilisez Dojo, jQuery ou Prototype, ne ratez pas ce webinar créé par Roy Ganor, le responsable des projets PDT & Zend Studio. Découvrez comment vous pouvez désormais débuguer du code PHP et JavaScript au sein d'une seule session de débugage, comment vous pouvez profiler l'exécution de vos pages web et bénéficier de nombreuses améliorations de notre IDE.

Présentateur : Xavier Gorse, expert PHP (45 minutes)

NB : Les slides de ce webinar ne sont pas affichés correctement, nous vous recommandons de les télécharger (Cf. bouton ci-dessous) avant de le regarder.

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What’s New in PDT 2.2 and Eclipse Helios

The new Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT) 2.2 is out. Join Roy Ganor, the Eclipse PDT project lead, for a tour of the new release. Learn about the source editing enhancements that will help you code faster, and hear an update on the Eclipse Helios simultaneous release.

Presenters - Roy Ganor and Ran Gishri (1 Hour)

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New in Zend Studio 7.2: PHP troubleshooting made easy!

As a developer, how much time do you spend trying to reproduce production issues in your own environment in order to be able to fix them?  (Probably far too much time!)  This webinar will demonstrate how to take advantage of Zend Studio 7.2 to import code traces generated by Zend Server running in production – learn how to streamline the root cause analysis process and not be stymied by lack of access to the production environment. 

Presenter –  Joshua Solomin

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The Road to Faster Development: Unit Testing and Continuous Integration

Creating a comprehensive unit test suite is an important step towards producing stable, high-quality PHP code.

Join this webinar by Atlassian and Zend to learn about unit testing and continuous integration, and see live demonstrations of how you can quickly adopt both practices using Zend Studio and Atlassian Bamboo.
Presenter – Kevin Schroeder and Douglas Butler

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Code at the Speed of Thought with Task-focused Programming

Task-focused programming is revolutionizing the way developers go about their daily work. It is all about showing you only the relevant source code in the context of the task-at-hand.

Join Mik Kersten, creator and lead of the Eclipse Mylyn project and CEO of Tasktop Technologies, and Roy Ganor, Zend Studio and PDT Project Lead, to learn about one of the biggest developer productivity boosts since code completion.

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var_dump: Using Zend Studio to Debug in Zend Framework

In this webinar we'll cover a couple of tools that we've found useful when debugging ZF applications: ZF's Firebug integration, the Scienta ZF Toolbar, and Zend_Debug. In addition, we'll cover a few best practices when using Zend Studio to debug a full ZF MVC application.
Presenter – Matthew O'Phinney and Ralph Schindler


Zend Studio, Zend Server and i

This webinar will focus on the many key features used to develop applications using Zend Studio and IBM i. We will also explore the integration features of Zend Server and how that adds to overall developer productivity. If you are new to Zend Studio or a seasoned veteran you will find something of benefit from this presentation. Topics will include code development, file access, debugging and much more!
Presenter –  Mike Pavlak
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PHP Development Best Practices: The Untold Story of Geekville

Have you ever wondered how you could advance your PHP development? Have you considered using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), an Issue Tracker or a Version Control tool, but were concerned about how complex it might be?

Taking PHP development to the next level may be easier than you think. Attend this webinar, hosted by Atlassian and Zend, to hear the story of one (fictitious) company that transformed its development process. See how they implemented Zend Studio, Jira and Subversion to get more better-quality code out sooner.
Presenters - Douglas Butler, Jesse Gibbs and Joshua Solomin

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Using PHP and Flash for developing Rich Internet Applications

How can you combine the power of Adobe Flash and PHP to create engaging rich Internet applications?

Join Adobe’s Mihai Corlan and Zend’s Roy Ganor to get the answer. View a live, step-by-step demonstration of building a Flash PHP application using the Adobe Flex framework, Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder and Zend Studio.

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What's new in Zend Studio 7.1?

The new release of Zend Studio includes powerful features that will help you get your job done faster.
Join Roy Ganor, Zend Studio project lead, for a live walkthrough of Zend Studio 7.1, and learn about its new capabilities and performance improvements. 

Code exploration with Zend Studio 7.0 and nWire
Ever struggled with understanding code written by others? Find it hard to navigate through your own code? Join Zend and our partner nWire for a live demonstration of new code exploration and navigation product that offers:
  • Dynamic code navigation
  • Code visualization
  • Quick search
nWire is an Eclipse plug-in compatible with Zend Studio 7.0 and Eclipse PDT.

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Speed up development with Zend Studio 7.0 and Zend Framework
Zend Studio 7.0 enables Zend Framework users to get things done faster while adhering to coding standards. During this webinar you will learn how easy it is to create Zend Framework Project and Elements, create new controllers through Zend_Tool integration and customize project layouts all from within Zend Studio.

Maximizing Productivity Across The Application Lifecycle
Zend Studio 7.0 and Zend Server tightly integrate to maximize productivity across all stages of the application lifecycle - from development and testing through deployment and maintenance. This webinar will walk through using Zend Studio 7.0 to find coding errors during development, automatically detect performance and functional issues in testing and production, and quickly pinpoint root cause.

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First-look at Zend Studio 7.0
Zend Studio 7.0 is the next generation of our professional-grade PHP application development environment designed to maximize developer productivity.
During this webinar you will get a detailed look at Zend Studio 7.0’s features and enhancements and what they can do to help you develop faster/smarter code, solve problems more quickly and increase your productivity.

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Introduction to Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT) 2.0
Fully compliant with Eclipse standards, the new PHP Development Tools (PDT) 2.0 release enables developers to leverage a wide variety of Eclipse projects, such as Web Tools Project (WTP) and Dynamic Language Toolkit (DLTK), for faster and easier PHP development. PDT is an open source development tool that provides all the code editing capabilities needed to get started with developing PHP applications.
Roy Ganor, Zend Studio Project Leader at Zend, will demonstrate PDT 2.0's new features including creating a new project, source editing, code assist, type hierarchy, mark occurrences, PHP search and more.

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Team Development with Zend Studio for Eclipse
Today’s development organizations are under ever increasing pressure to be more productive. One key factor for productivity is effective coordination across development teams. PHP Expert Peter MacIntyre demonstrates how Zend Studio for Eclipse can help improve productivity and team coordination with capabilities to allow for effective use of Source Code Management, Code Refactoring, integration between development and deployment environments and more.

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Developing Rich Internet Applications using Zend Studio for Eclipse
It's about to get a whole lot easier for PHP developers to develop Rich Internet Applications under Zend Studio for Eclipse. This tutorial introduces tools to develop Rich Internet Application including:
  • Know your development environment for both Java script and PHP code. Including syntax highlighting, formatting and code completion.
  • Debug both Server-side and Client-side from within Zend Studio for Eclipse
  • Navigation and introspection of your pages including the CSS and HTML parts.
  • Configure your Zend Studio for Eclipse for this end.
Presented by: Roy Ganor, Team Lead, R&D, Zend Technologies

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Team support with Zend
Zend has comprehensive functionality that makes supporting PHP across the entire development lifecycle a snap.  Team support starts with Studio for Eclipse's development capabilities like version control support, to-do lists, etc.  It continues with Zend Core's ability to eliminate problems such as inconsistency between development, QA and production environments.  Finally Zend Platform's capabilities to monitor your applications for problems, lets your teams to indentify, diagnose and fix problems fast.  The result:  your business critical applications run reliably and service meets your business goals.

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Seven Steps to Better PHP code
Developers spend an increasing amount of time maintaining existing code. Refactoring is a technique to make code more readable, maintainable, and extendable by improving the design, but without changing the visible behaviour. Refactoring can be successfully used in conjunction with migrations, bug fixing, when preparing to extend code, or just as an anti-aging measure to keep your code fresh.
This two-part webinar will introduce you to a seven-step refactoring methodology specifically designed for PHP. PHP expert Stefan Priebsch will show you how to successfully apply refactoring to your PHP projects. This makes your code a little better every day, and helps you write better code in the future.   

Click here to view Part 1 of the recorded Webinar 
Click here to view Part 2 of the recorded Webinar
Download Part 1 Slides (PDF)    
Download Part 2 Slides (PDF)
Download Part 1 Q&A document (TXT)    
Download Part 2 Q&A document (TXT)

Getting Started with Zend Studio for Eclipse

Yossi Leon, Zend Development Tools Product Manager, will help you to get started with Zend Studio for Eclipse.
Yossi will demonstrate the development flow starting from creating a new project, importing project from Zend Studio 5.X, developing the application, running it and eventually testing it using the different tools available in the product. The demonstration will also cover the recommended methods for creating projects associated with web server files and remote systems.

Click here to view the recorded Webinar  Please note - the audio is a bit distorted due to a technical problem. Our apologies.
Click here to download the Webinar's slides (PDF)

Zend Development Tools Overview

The Webinar gives an overview of Zend’s development tools, including Zend Studio, Zend Guard and the Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT) framework. Learn about how they can be combined to improve productivity of PHP development teams and how they support the commercial distribution of PHP applications. 

By viewing this seminar you will learn:

  • How to improve productivity and code quality using Zend Studio
  • How to distribute PHP applications while retaining full control of your intellectual property
  • How to extend your PHP development environment Audience: PHP developers and development team leaders involved in creating professional PHP applications.

Presenter: Yossi Leon, Development Tools Product Manager, Zend Technologies

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Zend Studio – Leveraging Your System i Investment

Your System i/AS400 is the most reliable computer on the planet and houses your company’s most critical data. In this webcast, Ed Kietlinski, Solutions Consultant at Zend, demonstrated the following and much more. 

Featured Speaker: Ed Kietlinski, Solutions Consultant, Zend Technologies

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Transitioning from Zend Studio to Zend Studio for Eclipse

Studio for Eclipse, the "next generation" IDE, combines professional PHP development capabilities with the Eclipse multi-language support and plug-in extension technology, to create the world’s most powerful PHP IDE. Watch this Webinar to learn about the new functionality, and how to make the transition from Zend Studio to Zend Studio for Eclipse smooth and easy.
Presenter: Kevin Schroeder, Zend Technologies

Click here to watch the recorded Webinar