PHP Security

The ultimate goal of any application is a high-quality user experience. Slow running applications and lagging response times lead to frustrated users and abandoned shopping carts. Zend Server improves application performance with state-of-the art caching technology, auto-scaling, and proactive monitoring.

Improve PHP Application Security

Web applications process more and more sensitive data in our everyday business and personal lives. And unfortunately, every day there are new PHP security threats that make that data vulnerable to attack. With Zend Server you’ll rest assured that you’ll always have the most up-to-date and secure PHP version. Plus you’ll be notified immediately in case of new PHP security vulnerabilities and the availability of Zend’s subsequent hot fixes. Plus you can further increase your PHP security efforts with a security audit from Zend’s PHP experts.

Put Your Application To The Test

The best way to make sure that your applications are secure is by third party testing. Zend Audit Services perform an exhaustive two-part PHP security audit to identify and resolve any security holes in your application.  The first part of the PHP Security Audit, the Zend security experts play the role of potential hacker and search for fundamental vulnerabilities in the PHP application. The second part of the PHP Security audit is based on the threat classification of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), where different fault classifications have been defined.

Online Training

Are you interested in learning more about best practices and other security measures to guard your PHP apps against threats and different types of attacks? Take our official PHP Security Training Course - Building Security into your PHP Applications.