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    Design Web and Mobile Apps Faster With Zend Studio 10


    Visual client prototyping and RESTful routing

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    Build complete, end-to-end cloud-connected mobile apps

    Writing multi-platform mobile applications no longer requires multiple IDEs, one for the server side and one (or more!) for the client side. Zend Studio 10 provides visual, drag-and-drop methods for both client-side interface prototyping and RESTful web service creation. And built-in PhoneGap and JQuery integration enables developers to write, test (using emulator or target device) and package apps that function across all major mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and others.

    The new Zend Server Gateway, included in Zend Studio 10, takes the work out of connecting mobile devices to a scalable, cloud-based back end. It consists of a lightweight set of PHP APIs that allow communication with a diverse set of client devices, and is integrated with visual, drag-and-drop service creation capability in Zend Studio. Streamlined deployment processes then let developers run these PHP-based RESTful services in the cloud or on-premise with advanced diagnostics and debugging through Zend Server.

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    Building web services with the Zend Server Gateway

    Write Zend Framework 2 code more efficiently

    Zend Studio 10 has built in tools that allow developers to more efficiently use Zend Framework 2. Create new Zend Framework based projects with just a few clicks and minimal download time. Create ZF2 modules, view helpers and controllers, get content assist for services, and take advantage of other ZF2 features to make your coding more productive than ever!

    Creating a ZF2 project

    Develop faster and more productively

    The most important consideration in Zend Studio 10 is making developers' lives easier by saving time and effort. This release incorporates hundreds of editor and usability improvements, streamlining workflows like end-to-end PHP and JavaScript application debugging, source control integration (SVN, CVS, Git, GitHub), unit testing, profiling, and production debugging. 

    Cloud-based development
    Why set up your own PHP development stack any more? Zend Studio 10 supports multiple PHP PaaS (Platform as a Service) options. These allow Zend Studio to seamlessly deploy code, while you write it, onto an on-demand Zend Server environment designed for developers. Why do that? You'll get a certified and tested PHP stack, app monitoring and advanced debugging, performance tuning, and more.

    • Zend Developer Cloud: this free cloud-based PHP stack based on Zend Server is ideal for team collaboration and is agnostic about the cloud or on-premise environment apps are deployed to.
    • Red Hat OpenShift: also a free cloud-based PHP stack based on Zend Server, it provides simple snap-in of other components like MongoDB and MySQL and provides the power of the OpenShift environment for eventual production deployment.
    You can also deploy similarly onto any on-premise Zend Server.

    Content assist in action

    Use the latest PHP release and the latest Eclipse platform

    Staying up to date with the latest technologies is important. Zend Studio 10 supports development using PHP 5.4.5 and 5.3.15, giving developers the power of its new capabilities and syntax, such as traits. And it uses Eclipse 4.2.1 (Juno) as its base platform, leveraging its popular code editing capabilities and its ecosystem of plug-ins. New features include the ability to mix viewing and editing panes using drag and drop, detach editing panes, and easily adjust editor pane size.

    Using PHP 5.4 syntax


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    Customer Quote

       My first impression of Studio 10 is good! Eclipse itself seems more stable, more responsive and less CPU hungry, and the content assist seems to have a better response time. And having mobile application development in the same IDE as the backend work is great!   

    Thijs LensselinkPHP Developer, www.mobiletulip.com

       Zend Studio 10 is fully integrated with Git, PHPUnit and Zend Framework 2, which gives me one convenient place for my coding practices. When using ZF2, it's invaluable thanks to its seamless integration.   

    Ore LandauPHP Developer, SangtamTech

       I'm enjoying every minute I'm working using Zend Studio 10. Zend Studio 9 was really good, but version 10 is an almost telepathic assistant, sharp and quick -- I'm delighted. Keep up the good work on this brilliant piece of software.   

    Daniil KalninSenior Web Developer at www.77agency.com

       I am really excited about how easy it is to make a ZF2 project, create modules, and get template files that I can just edit instead of having to write from scratch.   

    Jimmy SolePHP Developer