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Get Started with PHP

    Get Started with PHP

    Interested in learning how to code in PHP? Do you want to build a web application but don’t know where to start? Zend solutions give you a jump start coding PHP with Zend Studio, Zend’s award-winning PHP editor. Plus as you become more proficient you’ll also want to leverage the Zend Framework for PHP. And you’ll want to use Zend Server the enterprise-tested PHP stack trusted by thousands of corporations worldwide.

    Learn To Code In PHP

    The quickest way to get started with PHP is to jump into using Zend Studio. The award-winning PHP editor used by thousands of developers, Zend Studio minimizes the PHP coding learning curve and makes you more productive with time-saving tasks like refactoring, code generation, code assist, semantic analysis and more. And you’ll save more time with concurrent cross-language development on both the PHP server side and the interface or browser side (JavaScript or Flex). 

    Leverage Reusable, Tested Code

    Improve your coding productivity by using the most popular PHP framework on the planet – Zend Framework. It’s an open-source solution that provides you off-the-shelf PHP components across a wide range of PHP services. It provides the most commonly needed PHP functionality out-of-the-box, and lets you add the features you require. Stringently tested, and enterprise ready, Zend Framework includes secure, reliable Web 2.0 applications, web services, and widely available APIs from leading vendors like Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, Flickr as well as APIs from cataloguers like StrikeIron and Programmable Web.

    Online PHP Tutorials

    Here are some resources for learning how to code in PHP.
    Zends offers free versions of its development tools and PHP application server. Unlike Zend Server, the free Zend Server Community Edition does not include PHP software updates, hot fixes, code tracing , clustering  and application deployment capabilities or technical PHP support.
    • Simple, free PHP development tool - Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT) is an open source development tool that provides you with all the basic code editing capabilities
    • Simple, free PHP Web Application Server - Zend Server Free Edition enables you to set up a complete PHP environment in minutes on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux


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