Does the PHP report discuss the most popular PHP framework?

Yes, this year’s report looks at many of the top PHP projects and top PHP libraries used in PHP today, including the top PHP frameworks, most popular PHP CMS, and even the most used PHP functions. If you’re looking for the most used PHP framework, look no further.

I’m looking for info on the most popular PHP IDE, is that included in this report?

In an effort to keep our report more focused this year, we omitted questions around the most popular PHP IDE. That said, we did get a lot of data on the other types of technologies developers are using when developing and deploying their applications. If you’re looking for broader insight into the average or even best PHP development environment and PHP programming tools, this is a must-read report.

Does this PHP survey look at PHP language adoption by version?

Yes, and there’s some PHP 8 news – and adoption stats for EOL PHP versions – that you’ll want to see.

Does this report look at PHP container or PHP orchestration trends?

We have a dedicated section this year on PHP container and orchestration trends. So, if you’re working with PHP microservices, we highly recommend checking out those sections.

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