1. What's in this package

 This package contains a hotfix for an issue found in management UI
 of Zend Server 5.6 SP1 and Zend Server Cluster Manager 5.6 SP1.

 Description: after installing Zend Server 5.6 SP1 user is unable
 to modify directives via Zend Server Cluster Manager GUI.

 This hotfix updates Zend Server and Cluster Manager GUI to solve
 this issue.

2. Installation

  NOTE: The hotfix should be applied to both Zend Server and
  Zend Server Cluster Manager systems.

 This hotfix is applicable to Zend Server 5.6 SP1 and Zend Server
 Cluster Manager 5.6 SP1 only, and should not be installed on top 
 of any other release.

- For Linux: install the hotfix by updating ZS and ZS CM packages 
  using package manager available on your Linux system (yum, aptitude, zypper).

- For Windows: install hotfix package on top of ZS and ZS CM 5.6 SP1

Please note this hotfix should 
3. Support and Feedback

* With any questions about this hotfix please contact Zend Support
  at http://www.zend.com/en/support-center/

- - - -

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