Introducing Zend Server 9.0.2

Read all about our Zend Server 9 features and capabilities in the What's New page. In this maintenance release we were focused on quality and performance. We also added new/updated PHP extensions and we are confident that it is now significantly better and richer! IBMi: This version includes Zend Server 9 for IBMi and it is released as Beta, for testing purposes only.

PHP & Extensions

  • PHP 7.0.15

  • Redis 3.0.0 is GA
  • SSH2 1.0 as alpha
  • Memcached: only for Linux and Mac, experimental
  • IBM DB2 and PDO-IBM added to all OSs
  • ImageMagick 3.4.3RC1 (+security issue fixed)
  • PDO-SQLSRV extension version 4.0 GA
  • SQLSRV extension is also GA
  • OpenSSL latest (including security fixes)
  • Windows - Apache 2.4 v25
  • For MSSQL, use PDO-DBLIB (MSSQL extension is not supported in PHP 7)
  • We now support Oracle Client 11.2 basic (instead of basic lite, which lacked support for multi characters set)
  • We added Oracle OCI8 extension to Linux on Power 8. The extension is compiled with Oracle instant client 12.1 basic


Please note: upgrades from Zend Server 9.0.0 are supported. Upgrades from older versions are not supported.

On Linux, we recommend to use the Linux Installer provided in Zend Server downloads page, over using manual installation steps. Using the Linux Installer will make sure the correct package repositories are selected during installation, and provides advanced installation parameters such as web server selection and automating the process.

For detailed installation instructions for all supported operating systems, please refer to the Zend Server 9 Installation Guide.

Limitations and Known Issues

The following issues are known at the time of the Zend Server 9.0.1 release:


  • Working with MySQL 5.7 is experimental and needs specific configuration (ZSRV-16862):
    Remove 'only_full_group_by' from sql_mode. For example:
  • Code tracing - cannot allocate a bigger buffer than 440MB on Windows (ZSRV-16851)
  • Mac includes Apache 2.2, other platforms include Apache 2.4
  • On Mac, in order to send mails via TLS, a couple of actions are required:
    • Get latest cert files:
      curl -k > /System/Library/OpenSSL/certs/cacert.pem
    • add the following to /usr/local/zend/gui/lighttpd/etc/php-fcgi.ini :
  • Zend Debugger crashes when debugging phar files (ZSRV-14518)
  • Nginx Deployment: deploying to the root of the default virtual host does not work out-of-the-box and causes configuration problems (ZSRV-10098). Workaround: comment out the location / entry in /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf
    #location / {
    # include /etc/nginx/fastcgi.conf;
    # root /usr/share/nginx/html;
    # index index.php index.html index.htm;
    # }
  • Zend Server's application deployment feature is not supported on IIS, but other application-related features are still available by defining applications.

Z-Ray Notes

  • Z-Ray might be blocked by using the browser content security policy (e.g. PHPMyADmin on Firefox)

  • Specific configuration is required in order for Z-Ray to collect and display data on HTTPS requests in Windows with IIS and IBMi
  • When using Z-Ray with Load Balanced domains, a special setup is needed:
    • An accessible ZS GUI address must be set in Z-Ray settings ( Zend Server Menu -> Z-Ray -> Settings -> Advanced)
    • The Load Balancer IP address must be included in the Z-Ray allowed IPs list (token)
  • Z-Ray is not to be included or enabled in performance tests context (e.g. in AB testing)
  • Z-Ray currently supports the following database drivers: PDO, MySQL/i, OCI8 , sqlite3 and DB2

Note: For more information please refer to the online documentation.