Table of Contents
 1.  General Notes
 2.  What's New in This Version
 3.  System Requirements
 4.  Installation
 5.  Documentation
 6.  Resolved Issues
 7.  Known Issues
 8.  Support and Feedback

1. General Notes

* This package does not include a built-in license key. You can obtain a license key from http://www.zend.com/en/products/server/license

2. What's New In This Version

* Upgraded PHP 5.3 packages to version 5.3.8. Additional release information is available at http://www.php.net/releases/5_3_8.php

* Introduced Zend Deployment -- new feature that enables successful PHP application deployments through integrated application packaging and automated deployment. This new functionality is available via the Zend Server GUI and Web API.

* Introduced Zend Server CLI tools - set of command-line utilities to perform setup and management tasks for Zend Server and Zend Server Cluster Manager.

* Upgraded Zend Framework packages to version 1.11.10. A full changelog is available at http://framework.zend.com/changelog/1.11.10

* Updated PHP Toolkit based on IBM_DB2 extension 

* PTF to upgrade to Zend Server 5.6.0 

3. System Requirements
* Zend Server for IBM i requires that your system meet the following software 

  - Verify the existence of the /usr/local directory since the product will be installed under this directory.
  - Check if all the following License Programs (LICPGM) are installed:

Description                             Product Option  Licensed Program  Licensed Program  Licensed Program
--------------------------------------  --------------- ------V5R4------  -----V6R1-------  -----V7R1------- 
Portable App Solutions Environment      33              5722SS1           5761SS1           5770SS1   
Qshell                                  30              5722SS1           5761SS1           5770SS1 
IBM HTTP Server for i5/OS               *base           5722DG1           5761DG1           5770DG1
IBM Portable Utilities for I5/OS        *base           5733SC1           5733SC1           5733SC1 
OpenSSH, OpenSST, Zlib                  1               5733SC1           5733SC1           5733SC1 

* Supported Versions
  - V5R4 with latest PTFs  
  - V6R1 with latest PTFs
  - V7R1 with latest PTFs  

* Supported Browsers: 
  - Mozilla Firefox 4.0 and above
  - Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above 
  - Google Chrome 8 and above
  - Apple Safari 3.0 and above

* The Zend Java Bridge component requires a Java Runtime Environment Version 5 or newer 

* Required PTFs
  Version   Licensed Program  PTF         Group PTF
  -------   ----------------  -------     --------- 
   V5R4     5722DG1           SI36026     Current PTF group (minimum SF99114 - Group 22) 
            5722SS1           SI36004 
   6.1      5761DG1           SI36027     Current PTF group (minimum SF99115 - Group 13)
            5761SS1           SI36005 

   7.1      5761DG1                       Current PTF group (minimum SF99368 - Group 1)

* Required PTFs for IBM Toolkit (Beta)
  Version   Licensed Program  PTF         
  -------   ----------------  -------     
   V5R4     5722SS1           SI39610
   6.1         5761SS1           SI39829     
   7.1      5770SS1           SI39831/SI39917 

4. Installation
For full installation instructions please refer to the Zend Server Installation Guide, available at: http://www.zend.com/en/products/server/resources

If you have installed Zend Server 5.0 beta, please remove it before installing this version. Upgrading from the beta version is not supported and will not work.

5. Documentation
Product documentation is available through the web GUI of the product, and on-line at http://files.zend.com/help/Zend-Server-IBMi/zend-server.htm

6. Limitations

* The Zend Deployment feature on Windows platform is only available with 
  Zend Server using an Apache web server. 

7. Resolved issues

* XMLWriter extension now properly handles php://output stream [35673]

* Event notification email messages sent by Zend Monitor now contain 
  complete event information and are fully compatible with RFC-2822 [33359]

* Fixes in MySQL IBMDB2i Storage Engine for better IBM i interoperability:
  - Force UPPER case when installed in IFS case insensitive file system 
    (ie. Zend default install is case insensitive /usr/local/mysql)
  - Add support for zoned decimal like mysql numeric(12,2). 

  Please follow these instructions to install this MySQL IBMDB2i update:
  - Stop MySQL daemon
  - Rename /usr/local/mysql/lib/plugin/ha_ibmdb2i.so.0.0.0 to ha_ibmdb2i.so.0.0.0_old 
  - Copy /usr/local/zendsvr/bin/ha_ibmdb2i.so.0.0.0 to /usr/local/mysql/lib/plugin

  Note: If the user wants to regain full control over MySql created UPPER/"lower" case, 
    the entire Zend MySql installation must be moved to a case sensitive IFS file 
    system (ie. start with /QOpenSys/).

8. Known Issues
The following issues were known to the Zend development team at the time 
of the release:

GUI Issues
* The new features added to the .ini file format in PHP 5.3 are not presently supported by the GUI page managing the .ini directives. If you use 5.3-format features of .ini files, it is strongly 
  recommended that you only modify the .ini directives by manually editing 
  the appropriate files. Use of the Zend Server GUI when any .ini files 
  contain 5.3-format sections may result in unexpected behavior 
  in those .ini files.     

Upgrade and Installation issues

* After the PTF upgrade from Zend Server 5.1, user should use the following 
  commands to control the Easycom i5 toolkit job:

  NOTE: the Easycom i5 toolkit job (if installed) starts automatically as
      part of Zend Server subsystem.

* After the PTF upgrade add the new ToolkitAPI directory path to PHP.INI file:
  include_path = ".:/usr/local/zendsvr/share/ZendFramework/library:/usr/local/zendsvr/share/pear:/usr/local/ZendSvr/share/ToolkitApi"

* After the PTF upgrade all configuration files from the previous version are saved in the following folder: 
    in PHP 5.2 package - /usr/local/zendsvr/etc_4ZC0005 
    in PHP 5.3 package - /usr/local/zendsvr/etc_4ZC0006

* After the PTF upgrade the 5250 Bridge configuration file from the previous version saved as: 
    in PHP 5.2 package - /usr/local/zendsvr/5250/etc/Brdg5250.ini_4ZC0005
    in PHP 5.3 package - /usr/local/zendsvr/5250/etc/Brdg5250.ini_4ZC0006

* After the PTF upgrade the 5250 Bridge APIs using XMLSERVICE Toolkit is 
  located in the following location: /usr/local/zendsvr/5250_560.tar
* After the PTF upgrade the Apache configuration file from the previous version saved as: 
    in PHP 5.2 package - /www/zendsvr/conf/httpd.conf_4ZC0005
    in PHP 5.3 package - /www/zendsvr/conf/httpd.conf_4ZC0006

* After removing Zend Server 5.6 PTF, user needs to adjust file permissions
  on /www/zendsvr/conf/httpd.conf before starting Apache web server using
  the following commands:

      CHGOWN OBJ('/www/zendsvr/conf/httpd.conf') NEWOWN(QTMHHTTP)                             
      CHGAUT OBJ('/www/zendsvr/conf/httpd.conf') USER(*PUBLIC) DTAAUT(*EXCLUDE) OBJAUT(*NONE) 
      CHGAUT OBJ('/www/zendsvr/conf/httpd.conf') USER(QTMHHTTP) DTAAUT(*RWX) OBJAUT(*ALL)     

* After upgrade from Zend Server 5.0.2 the Server Setup > Extensions page in 
  GUI may display two entries for Easycom extension, and one of them in error
  state. This is presentation only issue and doesn't affect functionality of  
  Zend Server GUI nor Easycom extension [4960].
9. Support and Feedback
* Additional Zend Server for IBM i support is provided via the Zend 
  forums at http://forums.zend.com

Thank you for using Zend Server
Zend Technologies, Inc.