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Zend Framework 2 Fundamentals Training

The Zend Framework 2 Fundamentals course is designed for experienced PHP programmers who want to learn to combine Zend Framework 2 (ZF2) concepts and structural elements to utilize the full power of this software development kit for PHP applications. ZF2 is an open-source framework for developing web applications and services with PHP. It is implemented using 100% object-oriented code, with a component structure that provides a "use-at-will" design.The ZF2 architecture incorporates common design patterns, such as MVC, exploits the power of PHP 5.3.x features, and employs several methodologies for development: decoupling, control containers, events, and standard classes and SPL extensions. ZFTool lets you get off to a quick start, providing a basic structure on which to build your application.

What does it include?

This course focuses on providing a solid understanding of the concepts behind ZF2 – its event-driven architecture, which allows you to shape application workflow, and decoupling, which favors composition over inheritance and provides a high level of control through its Service Manager and Inversion of Control containers. You will be introduced to the ZF2 MVC layer, object oriented forms, filters and validators, as well as components that handle database operations, including a full implementation of object oriented SQL. In the Zend Framework 2: Fundamentals course, you learn by doing. As you build an online market application, you are able to practically apply what you have just learned.


Upon completing the course, active PHP developers should be well-prepared to apply a best practice approach to web application development, using ZF2 as the framework and TDD as the approach.

Table of Contents

1. MODULE ONE - Course Introduction

Course Goals     
Course Approach             
Course Applications        
Overview of ZF2
ZF2 Key Features              
ZF2 Architecture              
Essential Concepts:          Decoupling
Essential Concepts:          Namespaces
Essential Concepts:          Autoloading

2. MODULE TWO - Design Patterns & MVC Introduction

ZF2 VC: Event-Driven Architecture
Key MVC Events
Services in MVC


3. MODULE THREE - Event Manager (EM)

Trigger Events   
Available Methods          
Shared Event Listeners
Shared Event Manager (SEM)


4. MODULE FOUR - Service Manager (SM)

Service Types 
Configuring Services       

5. MODULE FIVE - MVC and Modules

Modules in MVC              
Bootstrapping an Application
MVC Events       
MVC-Related Module Configuration
ZendModuleManagerModuleManager Events & Listeners
Autoload Files for Modules
Module Classes 
MVC 'bootstrap' Event
ModuleAutoloader & DefaultListenerAggregate
Module Best Practices

6. MODULE SIX - Controllers and Controller Plugins

MVC Events and Controllers
Controllers: Zend Skeleton App Example
MVC-based Action Controllers
Common Interfaces used with Controllers
Controller Plugins            
Accessing a Request & Response, Routing Parameters
Registering Module-Specific Listeners

7. MODULE SEVEN - Routing Basics

Routing Basics   
Routing Types  

8. MODULE EIGTH - View Layer

View Model       
Alternate Rendering & Response Strategies
PHP Renderer    
View Helpers     

9. MODULE NINE - Forms



10. MODULE TEN - Databases



11. MODULE ELEVEN - Additional Topics

ZendLog (optional)        
ZendMail (optional) 


How will I learn?

In this class you will learn by doing.  A live instructor will coach you through hands-on exercises, mini-projects and you’ll be developing real code as you go. Once you have Zend Framework 2 skills under your belt, you will be able to create robust web apps in less time.

Classes are taught online in ten 2hr sessions.


Solid understanding of PHP (namespaces from v5.3 is needed) and OOP experience at an intermediate to advanced level. While this is a fundamental-level course on Zend Framework 2, it requires more than a fundamental-level competency in PHP. Participants are assumed to be proficient enough in the language to understand intermediate-level code examples and to perform coding exercises. This course assumes no previous ZF2 experience

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Customer Quote

   Zend Framework 2: Fundamentals is an essential class for the working PHP professional to quickly come up to speed writing ZF2 Modules and Applications. How to use the basics of the API and MVC framework are extensively covered. More important, the structural concepts of "PubSub", modules and Dependency Injection are covered to create more loosely coupled software components that will save your clients huge money over time. This class is highly suggested for independents, freelancers and corporate software engineers with a passion for excellence   

John DohoneyCTO, RightSolutions Consulting