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PHP and Zend Framework Certifications

Zend Certifications set the industry standard for PHP certifications, recognizing outstanding expertise and delivering a measure of distinction for PHP and Zend Framework developers. Utilizing exam topics specified by an international board of top PHP experts, core contributors and community members, Zend Certification sets apart the developer who has mastered PHP and Zend Framework for practical applicability.

Now Available: The updated Zend Certified PHP Engineer (based on v5.5) Study Guide

Zend PHP Certification

Differentiate yourself and give your career a boost by becoming a Zend Certified Engineer.

Zend Framework Certification

Become a Zend Framework Certified Engineer to gain recognition from employers and colleagues.

Zend Certified Engineer Directory

Looking to hire or verify a ZCE? Our directory has a worldwide listing of PHP and Zend Framework Developers.

Zend Certified PHP Developer
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Zend Framework Certification Zend Framework Certification
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Zend Certification
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Why Become a Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE)?

Get Firm Credentials Behind Your Expertise

Becoming a Zend Certified Engineer assures your competitiveness in an increasingly competitive environment, enabling you to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Whether you are looking for a new job, making your case at your annual salary review, or looking for ways to increase your profile, as a Zend Certified Engineer you have a clear advantage.

In today's competitive market, the 'Zend Certified Engineer' credential demonstrates the highest degree of PHP expertise. The ZCE credential offers these benefits:

Personal & Career Benefits

  • Gain recognition from your employer and boost your value
  • Get your resume/CV noticed and differentiate yourself when competing for a new job
  • Get featured in Zend's Certified Engineers directory for PHP professionals, used by recruiters to find top PHP developers worldwide
  • Participate in the ZCE exclusive group on LinkedIn
  • Get recognized by the PHP community as a proud and dedicated supporter of PHP
  • Get a free perpetual copy of Zend Studio

Employer Benefits

  • Standardize and ensure a high level of expertise in your PHP development teams
  • Implement industry best practices in your PHP development organizations
  • Maximize your team productivity and performance
  • Present a superior professional image to your customers and partners
  • Gain competitive advantages compared to other software development organizations

Setting the Industry Standard for PHP Certifications

Sponsored by Zend and developed according to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards, Zend Certification programs are designed to test a candidate’s level of knowledge in PHP or Zend Framework without prejudice to other technologies. The tests use a set of testing questions that reflect real-world scenarios, including knowledge in many areas ranging from basics to the more complex topics. The certification exam is executed for Zend by Pearson Vue.

The exams are created by an Advisory Board made up of thought leaders in the PHP community. Because the exams are created with specific skills, knowledge and competencies that are matched to real-world job functions, Zend Certifications provide a measure of technical distinction that employers use to evaluate prospective employees.

How do I obtain a Certification?

Prepare for the PHP Exam

Prepare for the Zend Framework Exam

Take the Exam

Zend certification examinations are delivered by Pearson Vue, the world’s leading test center network.

After the Exam


Everything you need to know about the Certification


Customer Quote

   The ZCE certification ensures that our clients and prospects have access to first-class software development as standard, whilst allowing Magma Digital Ltd to fulfil our quality assurance programme. We like to support and encourage our developers to continue in professional and personal development by undertaking the ZCE exam.   

Jeremy CoatesManaging Director, Magma Digital

   It's a fantastic test and just preparing for it is a great experience in reacquainting (or just plain acquainting) oneself with many aspects of the language.   

Barry HughesFreshly Baked Websites

   Since I got the certification, I have received interviews in some of the biggest PHP based companies in Barcelona and I now have job as a developer in one of the big online shops, so all the study was really worth it!   

Ricard ClauPHP Developer and ZCE

    The ZCE Certification demonstrates that the development team keeps in step with the latest PHP technology. And it helps to show our customers and prospects that we have highly qualified PHP developers where it matters most of all - their critical project   

Dmitry KarpovichCEO, Oxagile

   The Zend Certification preparation alone really pushes you to get reacquainted in areas of PHP that you might not feel comfortable with, so that you do become comfortable in those areas! For anyone considering getting the Zend certification I highly recommend it, as for me it has broaden my overall knowledge of the language and I have gained recognition from employers, colleagues, friends and family.   

Chris IjoyahBuffalozoomedia