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PHP and Framework Training Classes

Learn PHP from the basics, through cutting edge topics, and on to certification. Each course offers real-life examples and interactivity to provide a robust and hands-on training experience, to sharpen your existing skills and add new ones.

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PHP Classes from beginner to advanced, PHP Training and Zend Framework courses to give you the edge. Learn from the PHP experts at Zend.

Our courses are taught online with a live instructor. Classes can also be taught onsite or in a classroom setting (availability based on geography).

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Zend Product Courses

Online Training

Zend's instructor-led online training courses will help you learn PHP quickly and easily. Relevant exercises are integrated throughout the curriculum, allowing students to apply their newly learned PHP skills. Each training class is delivered live, allowing for real-time interaction between instructor and participants.

Note: All participants are registered as space permits or at least 24 business hours prior to scheduled start of the course.

Classroom Training

Our product training courses are offered in a classroom setting. These comprehensive, experiential courses are taught by a Zend PHP expert, and include product and course material for each participant. Extensive, hands-on exercises provide participants with the practical experience and confidence to apply their learning to the workplace.

Onsite Training

Onsite training services are a good fit for teams of 5 or more who need to be trained at once. In our onsite training, a highly experienced Zend professional will bring Zend’s knowledge of PHP, PHP applications, and Zend products directly to you, providing individualized attention to your team.  Facilities, equipment and resource requirements apply.  Please contact sales for details and pricing.

Customer Quote

   I haven't done *any* online courses like this before, so I don't have much fodder for comparison, but I'm really enjoying the class so far. Compared to just buying a book, which is what I normally do, this is a far more engaging way to learn.   

David WolfeAAA Northern California

   Well done. The examples were to the point. Also, you helped us keep an eye on security and performance in php (something all too often overlooked).   

Troy Wright,Information Technology Services, University of California, Santa Cruz

   Thanks for making PHP look much easier then what it has.   

Dale Looft