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WEBINAR: Zend Framework and Dojo Integration

September 03, 2008 - September 03, 2008: 9:00am PST, Your computer via Webex

This past spring, the Zend Framework team announced a partnership with Dojo toolkit to provide out-of-the-box support for Rich Internet Applications.
The 1.6.0 release of Zend Framework provides the first steps in this partnership: Zend Framework now ships the Dojo Toolkit distribution, and provides several components for utilizing Dojo's widget layer, Dijit; a JSON-RPC server implementation; support for creating dojo.data envelopes for XmlHttpRequest payloads; and a view helper for setting up the Dojo environment for your application.

In this webinar, Zend's Matthew Weier O'Phinney will explore some of this functionality to demonstrate how you can use Zend Framework and Dojo to create beautiful user interfaces with native remoting capabilities.

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