Deploy PHP on Windows, Without the Issues

Using community-supported PHP comes with some basic assumptions, the biggest one being that patch availability will be timely and consistent. Unfortunately for PHP teams deploying on Windows, that’s not always the case.

Zend makes it easy to deploy PHP on Windows, with PHP Windows builds always available within days of upstream availability. If you’re deploying EOL PHP, Zend provides LTS PHP builds that keep you patched against PHP CVEs. 

With Zend PHP Windows Builds, you get:

  • Regular Releases – Our PHP Windows builds are available within days of the upstream release.
  • LTS Builds and Support – Using EOL PHP? Zend LTS PHP builds keep you secure against exploits.
  • Windows Installer – Install our PHP builds in minutes with our PHP Windows installer.
  • Unbeatable PHP Expertise – Make our PHP experts your PHP experts.

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Community PHP Builds

Zend PHP Builds

Web server included?






Easy to install?



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Independently tested and verified?



Note: ZendPHP builds for community-supported PHP versions are available free, patched ZendPHP builds for end of life PHP versions are available for purchase.

Windows PHP Build Release Lag: Community vs. ZendPHP

Community-built Windows PHP build lag time can vary widely by release, with one example lagging behind by a full month. For PHP teams, that means a potential month-long susceptibility to any CVEs patched in that release.

Zend reliably builds fully-tested PHP builds for Windows, for both community-supported and end of life versions. This means builds — and patches for potentially devastating CVEs — are there when you need them.


ZendPHP and Windows – A Winning Combination

Zend makes it easy to install, manage, and configure PHP on Windows – regardless of whether you’re using community-supported or EOL PHP versions. 

Windows Installer

Easily specify and install your PHP version, as well as accompanying packages and extensions with our purpose-built Windows installer – now featuring a built-in HTTPD installer.

No Lock-In, Ever

Zend PHP builds don’t require substantial changes to your code base in order to work, making it easy to roll back to community builds if your needs change.

Working With EOL PHP? Get the LTS You Need

Migrating PHP versions doesn’t always make sense, especially when you consider the rapid community support lifecycle for PHP releases. That’s why Zend offers fully patched and supported PHP builds for a number of popular EOL PHP versions.

Image Zend PHP Version Support Chart Comparison 02-2023 8.2

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