Managing PHP for Your Clients Doesn’t Need to Be Hard

Hosting providers, perhaps more than any other type of service provider, experience the consequences of a fast-moving PHP lifecycle. Juggling the constant need for upgrades, and dealing with client web applications that can’t upgrade, mean that as customers scale so do the costs associated with managing them. 

Zend by Perforce provides fully-patched builds for EOL PHP versions, meaning that hosting providers can offer a scalable way for their customers to stay supported and secure when compatibility issues making migrating impossible. 

When you partner with Zend, you get:

  • Extended PHP Lifecycles: Zend offers fully-patched PHP for a minimum of 2 years beyond the community support lifecycle.
  • Instant Return on Investment: ZendPHP is easy to integrate into existing build pipelines, enabling instant ROI for your teams.
  • Unbeatable PHP Expertise: Zend has been solving the hardest problems in PHP since 2003. Let’s solve yours.

Extend the PHP Lifecycle With Fully-Patched EOL PHP From Zend

Zend provides fully patched PHP builds for PHP versions that have reached community support end of life – extending the PHP lifecycle by at least 3 years for each version. With support for Alpine Linux, RHEL, CentOS (and CentOS alternatives), Debian, Ubuntu, and Windows operating systems, our PHP builds “just work” – regardless of how you build and deploy your PHP.

Image Zend PHP Version Support Chart Comparison 02-2023 8.2

PHP Built for Your Build Pipelines

Most hosting providers have well established build pipelines for delivering PHP to their managed websites. Unfortunately, that often spells trouble when integrating with inflexible third party platforms.
Unlike other providers, Zend provides patched PHP in a variety of formats – making it easy to integrate our PHP builds into your existing build pipelines.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Zend by Perforce offered LTS PHP builds in a way that were easy to incorporate into our infrastructure. It made implementation – and the return on investment for us and our customers – basically instantaneous.”

What Our Customers Are Saying

"If you’re a hosting company, or if you have customers that upload PHP code to systems you manage, you need to consider the flexibility and piece of mind you can gain from PHP LTS from Zend"

What Our Customers Are Saying

"The second the deal was done, the technical team at Zend by Perforce was in immediate contact making sure we had everything we needed. We went from getting Zend PHP build repository access to deployment in a matter of days."

Why Choose Zend?

Leading Hosting Providers Choose Zend

Top hosting providers trust Zend to deliver value and security to their customers.

Keep Your Customers Happy

Minimize churn and provide long-term stability to your most difficult customers.

Free Your CS and Support Teams

Forced upgrades break sites at scale. Free your teams to focus on customer success, not failure.

Focus on Delivering Value

Focus your team on developing new value-driving features, instead of patching and building PHP.

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