Deploy Your PHP Apps on the Cloud With Confidence

For teams deploying their applications in cloud or cloud-hybrid environments, ensuring their deployments are efficient and scalable is key to ongoing success. And, with cloud deployment costs growing, managing these factors is crucial to the long-term success of PHP-based applications.

Zend makes it easy to deploy and scale your PHP-based application in the cloud or on premises with purpose-built cloud images for AWS, Azure, and GCP. And, if you’re using end of life PHP, Zend provides patched LTS builds that extend the lifecycle of your deployed PHP by years.

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Accelerate Your PHP Cloud Journey With Zend

Whichever cloud you call home, Zend provides a variety of PHP cloud images
purpose built for your needs.

Cloud-Ready Images

Zend provides regularly tested and validated PHP cloud images on AWS, Azure, and GCP market places.

Orchestration Made Easy

Zend makes it easy to orchestrate your PHP cloud images with ready-made Terraform templates.

PHP LTS Available

Working with EOL PHP? Stay patched with PHP LTS from Zend – now available for PHP 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, and 8.0.

"With Zend we had a solid application deployment and management platform for the cloud..."

Michael Speicher, CEO, Mediaspike


Purpose-Built PHP Cloud Images for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Zend provides ZendPHP cloud images with PHP-FPM enabled installs for Debian, Oracle Linux, RHEL, Rocky Linux, and Ubuntu. For each of these images, we provide variants for Apache and nginx, which allows users to choose the web server that best fits their needs.

Each image is pinned to the most recent PHP version, but can be configured to install any of the PHP versions we currently ship.

Zend AWS Images

Zend has over 25 PHP images listed on the AWS marketplace, including images for AlmaLinux, Amazon Linux, CentOS, Debian, Oracle Linux, RHEL, Rocky Linux, and Ubuntu.

Zend Azure Images

Zend offers a variety of PHP images on the Azure marketplace, including images for CentOS, Debian, RHEL, and Ubuntu.

Zend Google Cloud Images

Zend provides a number of PHP images on the Google Cloud Marketplace, including images for AlmaLinux, CentOS, Debian, Oracle Linux, RHEL, Rocky Linux, and Ubuntu.

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