Maintain PHP Application Security and Compliance With Zend

Keeping up with your competition often means ignoring security updates to focus on developing new features. But that approach can cost companies dearly, especially when you consider the average cost of a data breach is expected to reach $5 million in 2023.

To make things more complicated, upward of 60% of surveyed PHP teams are deploying end of life PHP in production – meaning the risk of a breach is clear and present. So how can companies balance the need for security, compliance and keeping their developers working on adding features that will drive new business?

Zend by Perforce delivers the advanced PHP security and compliance solutions that can keep your PHP applications secure, including:

  • PHP LTS – Get patches for your EOL PHP
  • Consultative Guidance – Set a path to secure and compliant PHP
  • Professional Services – PHP migration, modernization, and more

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Explore Our PHP Security and Compliance Solutions

PHP Long-Term Support

By delivering patches against known vulnerabilities, Zend takes the risk and complexity out of managing end of life PHP.

Consultative Guidance

Zend has decades of experience helping PHP teams overcome their biggest challenges. We can help you do the same.

Expert Professional Services

Ready to migrate to a community-supported PHP version? Need support modernizing your application? Zend can help.

“We chose Zend for the robust quality of its PHP application development platform..."

Dr. Rainer Schmitz, Head of IT, GroupMT

“With Zend we had a solid application deployment and management platform for the cloud..."

Michael Speicher, CEO, Mediaspike

“Our use of the Zend PHP stack has led to a major productivity gain.”

Phillip Shipley, Manager of Web Development, WebEx Cisco Systems

“[Zend] professional services paved the way for a reliable, scalable, and enviable system."

Adam Kammeyer, Web Programming Project Leader at CEFCU

“With Zend we gained a PHP stack that our entire team could use proficiently..."

Michal Taborsky, Chief Systems Architect, Netretail Holding

“Zend paid for itself by virtue of the issues we found and fixed in the first week alone."

Josh Butts Director of Web Development

Ensure Compliance for EOL PHP With PHP LTS From Zend

Image Zend PHP Version Support Chart Comparison 02-2023 8.2

For teams working with end of life PHP, finding a way to keep patched against vulnerabilities is crucial to preventing risk and maintaining compliance.

Zend PHP LTS Zend gives teams an easy option to keep their PHP updated, secure, and compliant. Zend provides comprehensive support for PHP releases for at least five years beyond the initial release date, giving your team the flexibility to upgrade on your timeline – not the community support timeline.

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Explore the Zend PHP Security Center

If you’re in the process of evaluating your PHP application for exposure to vulnerabilities, the Zend PHP Security Center can be a valuable resource.

The Zend PHP Security Center helps teams evaluate and mitigate PHP vulnerabilities and exposures. It provides details on PHP CVEs and their impact, including impacted versions and extensions, and information on how to mitigate the CVE.

Visit the PHP Security Center

Try ZendPHP for Free

Try ZendPHP and ZendHQ and see what secure and compliant PHP can mean for your team.

Visit the Zend PHP Security Center

See an updated list of PHP CVEs, with details on severity and mitigation steps.

See Professional Service Options

From consultative guidance to migration services, Zend can help you meet your goals.