We are proud to introduce 
the Zend Server 7 with the
outstanding new Z-Ray feature 
to make your job EASIER 
and your PHP code BETTER


“Using Zend Server Z-Ray is akin to wearing
X-Ray goggles, effortlessly giving you developers
deep insight into how your code is running as you
are developing it – all without having to change
any of your habits or workflow.”



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Learn how you can code more, be more productive, have fewer bugs and live longer. Well, perhaps not that last one - but it can do all those other things without changing any of your habits and tools!

Join Zeev Suraski as he presents this brand new version of Zend Server that's going to make you a PHP Super Hero

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"Z-Ray is a game-changer for me"

James Titcumb

Development Manager at protected.co.uk

To learn more about Zend Server and Z-Ray please visit: www.zend.com/en/products/server