Which Edition is Right for You?

The Zend Server Production Edition that is right for you depends on your team,
the features you need and the level of support that fits your priorities.







Small Business





Right For...

... for running single server web applications

... for running scalable, business critical applications

... for running scalable, mission critical, enterprise applications

Support & Security Fixes
Performance & Scalability

Configuration Management & Deployment

Monitoring & Root-Cause Analysis
Enterprise Integration
Development Tools & Runtime


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Small Business





Support & Security Fixes
Support via... Web Ticket Phone (business hours) Phone (24X7X365)
P1 response time 2 business days 6 business hours 2 business hours

Security hotfixes

PHP support
Zend Framework support
Long Term Support (LTS)  

Custom PHP & ZF bug fixes

Performance & Scalability
Bytecode caching
Data object caching

URL (page) caching

Offline processing (job queue)  

Multi-server configuration


Session Clustering  
Fault Tolerance  
Cloud elasticity & automation  
Configuration Management & Deployment
Unauthorized PHP settings
change detection
PHP settings backup
& restore

Virtual Hosts Management

Multi-server configuration

Configuration audit trail

Application deployment
Application rollback
Rolling deployment
& upgrades
Deployment integration APIs  
Monitoring & Root Cause Analysis

Z-Ray - Secured Access

in Production

Application & server
metrics and trending
monitoring rules

Event alerting

Custom events

Production code tracing

Centralized Application

Event alerting integration

Metric & data retention

2 weeks 3 months Unlimited
Separate admin and
developer accounts
Enterprise Integration
Alerting integration with
3rd party monitoring tools
Deployment Integration
with Continuous
Integration tools

Application access
control via LDAP


Java connector


Audit trail for compliance

Development Tools & Runtime
Development code tracing
enterprise-class PHP runtime

Enterprise database support

PHP debugger/profiler

Web Services debugger

Development data retention 2 weeks  3 months  Unlimited


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