What's New in Zend Server 6.1

Zend Server 6.1 adds the following new features and capabilities:

Support for the Nginx web server - on Linux only

Zend Server can now install and configure the very popular Nginx web server out of the box to serve non-PHP files. The installation comes directly from the official Nginx repository, and in combination with Zend Server creates a lightning-fast PHP stack. 

PHP code library management

Deployment and management of PHP code libraries is now supported as part of Zend Server's application deployment capabilities. This central management means that application packages can be smaller and don't require duplicating libraries in each package, multiple library versions can be used and tracked, library patching/updating is easier, and setting up dependencies to Zend Framework and other 3rd-party or custom libraries is simplified.

Enhanced mobile and web user dashboards and metrics

Dynamic real-time dashboards provide insight into how end-users are using applications running on Zend Server. From response time to system utilization, from request processing breakdowns to geographic locations of users, Zend Server shows the information needed to understand at a deep level how applications are behaving. And mobile-specific charts let application owners understand any differences between their mobile and web audiences.



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