Write Better Code Faster With Z-Ray

The all-new Zend Server Z-Ray gives unprecedented, in-context visibility inside apps, by showing in real-time exactly what happens to construct each page.


Z-Ray is a revolutionary new addition to a PHP developer's toolkit.  It's a toolbar that displays all the under-the-hood details of a page request, across all the PHP scripts involved in building the page.  Z-Ray is injected into the response coming from your PHP app and shown right in the browser you're using for development: you get vastly greater insight without changing your development workflow.  Z-Ray is not a browser plugin, so it's completely browser-independent.

With Z-Ray, developers can immediately understand the impact of their code changes, enabling them to both improve quality and solve issues long before their code reaches production. In addition to the obvious benefits of this ‘Left Shifting’ – better performance, fewer production issues and faster recovery times – using Z-Ray is also downright fun!

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Z-Ray Overview



Page Requests



Inspect the requests sent from your page to the webserver, view their response, method, path and the time they took. Also get an indication of issues that may have occurred during their execution. When there are multiple requests, like Ajax-requests, Z-Ray can filter the information to show only the results from any subset of these requests.


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Execution Time and Memory Peak



View the Execution Time panel to see a processing breakdown of the request, so you can understand how the request was handled by the webserver. Also see the peak amount of memory that was consumed by the request.


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Monitor Events



The Monitor Events panel shows a list of any of the Zend Server events that may have been triggered by the request, alerting you about PHP-errors, high memory usage, slow request execution and more. Since the events are defined by your monitoring rules in Zend Server, you can find addition details about these events in the Zend Server UI. If a code trace was triggered, it can be accessed from Z-Ray as well.


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Errors and Warnings


The Errors and Warnings panel displays the errors generated during the page request by PHP itself or by its core functions. Z-Ray displays when they were created, their type and the associated error messages. 


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Database Queries






The Database Queries Panel displays all the SQL queries executed by the page request. It shows priceless information such as the query's bound value, the result of the query, how long the query took and the amount of rows in the code affected by the query. You can even see a backtrace of the query to get the larger picture of how the code was executed.


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PHP Functions



In the Functions Panel you'll be able to see all the PHP functions called during the page request. You can see the name, how many times called, time spent in the scope of the function, including or excluding time spent in children functions, and more. If you use any of the PHP frameworks, you can filter by function groups and name spaces.


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PHP Variables







Use the Variables panel to see any PHP Super Globals used in your code. See for example if the value of your session or cookie super globals changed and how.


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But wait! There is more!


Z-Ray is highly configurable, for example it can be set up for production servers so system administrators can give temporary access to developers to research issues on specific pages and so help them to resolve issues faster and with more confidence. It can be integrated with IDE's for superior debugging. The UI can be configured to serve your needs. And more ...


To learn more, see this video that shows how to use Z-Ray in Production