Get Early Access to the Latest Zend Studio

Want to get access to the latest and greatest bleeding edge releases of Zend Studio? Want to preview the features coming in future versions? 

Here you can find bi-weekly Zend Studio builds, letting you play with what our development team is currently working on.


What's New in Zend Studio 11 Beta:

  • Discover the world's easiest way to create high-quality APIs! Get started with Apigility in Zend Studio!
  • Deployment ready packages are just one click away. Push to production faster!
  • Configure application server access hassle-free. Deploy, debug and monitor with ease!
  • Comfortably browse and manage PHP dependencies with Composer.
  • Work with a reduced package size product for quicker download, install and updates.

and more...


Already using Zend Studio?
You can access developer builds of Zend Studio by adding update sites via Help > Install new software > Available update sites:


Please remember that this is bleeding edge code that may contain incomplete or partially implemented features, and may contain bugs. We recommend that you prepare a backup copy of your project (or the whole workspace) before you start using any Zend Studio early access release.

To share bug reports and any other feedback, please email us at:  


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