Z-Ray Technology Preview

The most advanced debugging & productivity technology for PHP developers - now on your own PHP stack! In just a few steps, you can start introspecting the insides of your code and apps using Z-Ray.

Currently supported on Linux and Mac OS X.  For a full list of system requirements, click here

Disclaimer: Z-Ray is currently in a Technology Preview mode. We accept no responsibility for any errors resulting from usage.


Installation Instructions


  • In-Browser real-time visibility inside your PHP apps

  • Full DB queries support

  • Profiling information for all functions called during the request

  • Full Ajax support

  • Secure remote debugging of requests 

  • Extended support for popular PHP apps/frameworks

  • Z-Ray Live! for debugging mobile, CLI calls & APIs

  • Extension API for custom apps/frameworks

Coming Soon


Platform Support

Z-Ray will soon be available for Windows users.



We want your feedback! So if you've got an idea for a new feature, think we've missed something or simply want to report a bug, don't be shy!

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