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CDS Global

Implementing Continuous Delivery 

with Zend Server

English Central

Automating Application Deployment 

and Scaling in the Cloud

BNP Paribas

Accelerating Development and Delivery

of High Performing Web Applications

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Carlo Gavazzi

Modernizing Legacy Applications

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Streamlining and Automating 
App Development & Management

Automating Deployment of Application

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Implementing Agile Delivery

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Delivering Enterprise Grade

E-commerce Hosting


Automating the Administrative

Systems of the Company

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Automating the Application Life Cycle

to Accelerate Delivery

Media Spike

Accelerating Deployment and

Automation of Scaling Apps

Cisco Webex

Offering High Degree of Efficiency, 

Reliability and Scalability

Corvette America

Extend the Capabilities of E-Commerce

System, Quickly and Cost-effectively

Value Drug Mart

Automating the Monitoring, and 

Troubleshooting of B2B apps

Allied Beverage

Developing, Deploying and Managing

E-Commerce Application