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Test Prep: Zend PHP Certification Training

  • Prepares PHP programmers for the challenge of passing the PHP certification exam.
  • Will help you achieve the status of Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE).
  • It includes an exam voucher for the PHP Certification exam.
  • Get certified and receive a free perpetual copy of Zend Studio.

What does it include?

This is a test preparation and PHP review course – it does not teach PHP.   The course will guide you through an in-depth and intense review of all of the major topics within the 10 certification areas. Plus, it will contain important information about the exam itself and strategies for answering the exam questions.

Table of Content


A. About the Certification

A. PHP Basics
B. Functions
C. Data Formats & Types
D. Web Features
F. Security
G. Strings & Patterns
H. Databases
I.  Arrays
J. I/O

How will I learn?

An instructor will step you through the core content in each of 10 certification areas. They will explain strategies for answering the exam questions and step you through sample quizzes.  The course moves at a fast pace, and assumes at least an intermediate skill level in programming within PHP.
You have two choices for this class:

  • Recorded Training - Save with our new PHP Certification Bundle -7 hours
  • Live Online Instructor Led Training - Classes are taught online in nine 2hr sessions


At least intermediate-level knowledge of the ten topic areas.
For more information on Zend Certification, go to: http://www.zend.com/en/services/certification

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Customer Quote

   I haven't done *any* online courses like this before, so I don't have much fodder for comparison, but I'm really enjoying the class so far. Compared to just buying a book, which is what I normally do, this is a far more engaging way to learn.    

David Wolfe AAA Northern California

   Well done. The examples were to the point. Also, you helped us keep an eye on security and performance in php (something all too often overlooked).    

Troy Wright,Information Technology Services, University of California, Santa Cruz

   Thanks for making PHP look much easier then what it has.    

Dale Looft