One click deployment

From the AWS Marketplace, all you have to do is decide which version of Zend Server you want and which Amazon Machine Image (AMI) fits your workload.   Then you're one click away from building and managing PHP applications.

Try it today!

Your first 30 days of Zend Server are free through the AWS Marketplace.  When the free trial expires, your account converts automatically to a paid subscription with no hassle, no migrations required.

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Be bold, go big

You can start with the smallest AMI available, the t1.micro image, which is just $0.02 per hour.  But the real power of Amazon is in the large images optimized for specific workloads, like commerce, big data, or the Internet of Things.  Go ahead and dream big, Zend Server on Amazon can support it.


Clustering made easy

Take the guesswork out of configuring a cluster by using our cloud formation template on AWS.  Just answer a few simple questions about what cluster resources your application might need and we'll generate a template that you can use in your deployment.  

Learn more about CloudFormation