Modernization 2.0

With the explosion of users demanding access to the data and business logic on your IBM i, your modernization strategy has to be more than simple screen scraping.  You need to deliver information to a myriad of devices, with the same level of security, resiliency, and performance as the back office applications on your IBM i.

Zend is here to help.

PHP is the world’s most popular programming language for web and mobile applications.  And Zend is the premier provider of an enterprise-grade application platform for PHP, Zend Server.  Best of all, Zend Server runs natively on the IBM i and is available as a simple and free download to every IBM i customer.

Learn more about rapid modernization for IBM i by reading this white paper which takes you from green screen to web, and downloading this ebook detailing the top 10 reasons to choose PHP for IBM i web application development.

How Zend Helps

  • Simple connectivity to DB2 for IBM i
  • Easy for RPG and Cobol programmers to learn: start procedural, gradually phase in object-oriented frameworks
  • Free IBM i toolkit to help you with PHP enablement
  • Free download comes with one year of Silver Support
  • Free access to Zend Studio, an integrated developer environment (IDE) for PHP
  • Simplified debugging and performance tuning with Z-Ray
  • Tap into the community of over 5 million PHP developers
  • Leverage the experience of IBM i users like Prada, DHL, and Starbucks





The Complete PHP Application Platform

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The PHP IDE for Smarter Development

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PHP SmartStart that gives you a head-start

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PHP I: Foundations for  IBM i course
MySQL: Fully integrated with DB2

Editions and Pricing

Zend Server is always available on any platform as a 30-day free trial.  IBM i customers have full use of Enterprise Edition, the most full featured edition, for the 30 day free trial.  Simply create your MyZend account and then visit our download page to get started.

Once the free trial expires, Zend Server automatically guides you through the license key enablement process.  You’ll be able to choose from these Zend Server editions:

Developer Edition: Licensed and priced for development use only, this edition mirrors the features of Professional Edition.  On the IBM i, Developer Edition is most practical for customers who maintain a separate LPAR for development.

Basic Edition: As the name implies, this edition has a minimal feature set for running your PHP applications.  Basic Edition is available to you with one year of Support at no charge (comparable to the Support level of the Small Business Edition of Zend Server).  Basic Edition does not include Z-Ray.

Professional Edition: This edition includes a robust set of features but is priced for those applications that are not business critical.

Enterprise Edition: Zend’s fully featured edition for business critical applications, it includes unlimited audit trails and 24x7 live support.

Click here for a more detailed description of each edition.