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Zend Studio 10.5 Early Access

CAUTION: As this is an early access preview, several features are either incomplete or not yet implemented and you may encounter bugs. We recommend that you prepare a backup copy of your project (or the whole workspace) before you start using Zend Studio 10.5. To share bug reports and any other feedback, please email us at studio10feedback@zend.com.


  • Git installation is required for Composer and Apache Cordova. For instructions on installing Git, click here. Please make sure git is added to the system path.
  • Java Development Kit must be added to the system path to enable generation of native mobile apps - Download Now. For more information, click here.
  • Safari browser is required on Windows for new mobile drag & drop editor. To install, click here.

Product Version Format/Size Notes Download-md5
Zend Studio 10.5 Early Access 10.5.0 EA (with JRE) (Windows MSI) 288.56 MB Release Notes
Zend Studio 10.5 Early Access 10.5.0 EA (without JRE) (Windows MSI) 259.73 MB Release Notes