Zend’s End-to-End Mobile Application Solution

Zend provides an end to end solution to help you create mobile apps faster, and deploy them on an elastic, fault tolerant cloud application platform.

Zend’s solution is based on open web standards like HTML5, JavaScript, and PHP.  It provides visual tooling for simple client side UI prototyping, enables the drag and drop creation of complex back-end services, and provides the most robust and manageable cloud application platform.


  • Drag and drop creation of server-side services

  • Simple graphical mobile interface development

  • Insights into your mobile user base

  • Scalable, elastic, fault tolerant deployment platform


Why "Mobile First" development? Why does Zend believe an API-centric cloud services architecture provides the best backend approach for your apps? See Zend CEO Andi Gutman's thoughts on his blog.

Drag and drop creation of server-side services

With Zend Server and Zend Studio a developer has access to visual tooling that streamlines the process of creating, testing and deploying mobile applications. With Zend Server and Zend Studio, you can simultaneously create and associate the front end of the mobile application and the back-end web service APIs (RPC-style or RESTful services). This visual tooling takes advantage of the Zend Server Gateway, which provides mobile back-end capabilities including cloud service authentication, filtering, validation, and the execution of business logic.This streamlines the process of creating, testing and deploying mobile applications.

Simple graphical mobile interface development

Zend Studio 10 includes a WYSIWYG interface builder that lets developers visually prototype app interfaces in hours that would take days to develop manually. This drag and drop approach generates standard HTML5 and jQuery Mobile output that can be easily modified and extended. In addition, rather than coding native apps for each mobile platform, Zend Studio has tightly integrated Apache Cordova - also known as PhoneGap - which enables access to native device capabilities (GPS, camera, etc.) and builds packages ready for app store distribution across all the major mobile OSes, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Insights into your mobile user base

Zend Server shows real-time analytics giving application owners valuable insight into how mobile users are accessing their applications and how this usage is trending over time. Thanks to the collecting agent sitting inside PHP – statistics are comprehensive and include data for all types of requests, including those for Web Services. Insights include:




Scalable, elastic, fault tolerant deployment platform

In mobile-first architectures, the cloud is the preferred delivery vehicle due to the unpredictability of scale and latency: enterprise-grade apps require a platform that can scale-up and scale-down on-demand. Zend Server provides the best fault-tolerant, scalable application platform for the back end of mobile applications. It provides high availability, amazing performance, elasticity, and application monitoring and alerting. Zend Server enables you to run any app on any cloud (private or public), and is pre-integrated with Amazon, RightScale, VMware, IBM, Red Hat OpenShift and other clouds.

Zend also ensures that your investment in open technologies is backed up by experts. Subscriptions to Zend Server include technical support for PHP, Zend Framework, and Zend Server Gateway.

Why PHP?

PHP is among the most popular languages for corporate web development today, called Internet English by VentureBeat. It is the most frequent choice for the back end of cloud applications; in recent research four out of five decision makers using PHP confirmed that it lets their teams develop faster compared to other languages, and that PHP provides the easiest choice for the development of cloud apps.