Get Community and Zend Expertise

Every release of ZendPHP Enterprise includes all the capabilities of the corresponding community release, including compatibility with all publicly available PHP extensions and plugins. You also gain added security capabilities and mission-critical support provided by certified, PHP experts.

ZendPHP Is PHP for Enterprise Use

The added features and services in our PHP runtimes make it possible for you to:  

Improve Data Protection

Hackers continually look to exploit web and mobile apps. Our PHP runtimes provide:

  • All security capabilities and fixes provided by the community.
  • Security enhancements that are not in community editions.

In addition, Zend engineers:

  • Work with the PHP community to fix all vulnerabilities in its releases.
  • Update runtimes with security fixes as soon as they are available.
  • Collaborate with the PHP and Laminas (formerly Zend Framework) communities to add new capabilities.

Plan Upgrades and Get Support

The PHP community provides comprehensive support for releases for only two years after their initial launch, plus one additional year of limited support. As a result, many organizations run apps built with PHP code that is no longer supported — or they rush upgrades.

You can confidently use our PHP runtimes for a minimum of five years. That’s because Zend provides comprehensive support for its PHP runtimes for at least five years after their initial release date, including bug fixes and security updates. As a result, you can schedule your PHP upgrades on your timeline and ensure that your business-critical web apps are running on code that's fully supported.

Enjoy 24x7x365 Support

Improve your service levels —  and peace of mind. Get PHP runtimes that come with two-hour support responses from a global team of PHP experts.

Gain Consultative Guidance from PHP Experts

Our runtimes come with built-in support plus on-demand guidance for PHP:

  • App configuration and optimization.
  • Extension configuration and support.
  • Troubleshooting and root-cause analysis.
  • Deployment options and architecture.

Build Web Apps for Your Favorite Platforms

Use our PHP runtimes to create applications that run on the following operating systems:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • IBM i and IBM Power

Accelerate Web App Development With Zend Server

Looking for an all-in-one PHP solution? Use Zend Server. It includes ZendPHP as well as leading tools for PHP:

  • Monitoring
  • Debugging
  • Development

PHP Security Center

Quickly find and assess new PHP CVEs by severity, type, and version in our new PHP Security Center.


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