Why Risk Downtime?

Make sure that your websites and mobile apps are always available by taking advantage of Zend PHP support options.

What Is the Difference Between Our PHP Support and the Community’s?

We support the Zend-certified PHP 5.6 and 7.1 runtimes for five years from the original release date. This is two years longer than what you get from the PHP community. We also provide bug fixes and security updates for the full support duration, as shown in this chart:

Plus with Zend, support is always provided by our certified PHP experts instead of a community volunteer.

Compare PHP Support Zend Server

What’s Your Plan For PHP 7.1 Support?

Community support for PHP 7.1 ended on December 1, 2019. If you use PHP 7.1, you can:

  • Upgrade your PHP applications to 7.3 to retain community support.
  • Keep your applications on PHP 7.1 and risk security breaches and downtime.
  • Keep your applications on PHP 7.1 and get long-term support via Zend Server.

The Risks of Unsupported PHP 7.1 Apps

Now that community support has ended for PHP 7.1, the release cadence for security and bug fixes is unpredictable. This means your PHP 7.1 apps:

  • Are more vulnerable to attacks.
  • Are at a higher risk of instability issues.
  • Will take longer to modify due to longer test cycles.

Zend Server Provides Built-In Support for PHP 7.1

Ensure your applications have vulnerabilities and other issues patched as quickly as possible. Get the level of support you need for your PHP 7.1 applications by running Zend Server. It is the enterprise PHP platform that includes a certified PHP stack as well as comprehensive tools for web application development.

Zend Support Options

Choose the right PHP support option to meet your requirements.

Key Differences in Zend Support Options
 ZendPHP EnterpriseZend Server Production EditionZend Server Developer Edition
Long-term PHP Support
Web Support, Knowledgebase
1 Business-Day Response Time
24/7/365 Phone Support
2-Hour Response Time
Zend Server Plus Full Stack Support

Learn More about Zend Server Support

See the support service-level-agreements (SLAs) for both editions:

Need Support for Your Open Source Stack?
Get Zend Server Plus

If you use open source technologies and Zend Server, you can take advantage of a comprehensive support option via Zend Server Plus. In addition to supporting your Zend Server and PHP applications, we support the following open source technologies for Zend Server Plus customers:

Zend Server Plus
  • Cent OS and Ubuntu operating systems
  • Nginx and Apache web servers
  • MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and Mongo DB databases

Read the Zend Server Plus datasheet for more information.


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