Make PHP Debugging and PHP Code Testing Fast and Seamless With Z-Ray

Z-Ray is an enterprise-level PHP debugging tool that comes with Zend Server. With it, you can improve user experience and save time by:

Seeing App Performance

Dashboards provide big-picture metrics at a glance.

Pinpointing Issues

Drill down into PHP page request and database query metrics.

Receiving Real-Time Alerts

Get immediate notifications about app errors and issues.

Monitoring Live Sessions

See underlying code issues impeding customer experience.

Staying in the Dev Flow

Access Z-Ray in your development browser.

Analyzing Specific URLs

See page-specific analytics.

See How You Can Save Time and Improve Code Quality With Z-Ray

This demo shows how you can improve user experience with insights from Z-Ray.


Use Z-Ray With Other Technologies

Z-Ray has numerous extensions and plugins, so that you can seamlessly debug your code on other open source, PHP-based platforms as well, including Magento, Word Press, Drupal, and Zend Framework. 

You can also use the Z-Ray Extensibility API to build an extension to other PHP apps, so you can improve your debugging and code testing.

Go to the Zend Gallery to see your Z-Ray plugin and extension options.

ZRay Plugins
ZRay Customer Support

Improve Customer Support With Real-Time Insight

Troubleshooting customers’ issues based on digital communication can be challenging. With Z-Ray, you can record, monitor, and analyze specific user sessions so you can quickly pinpoint issues. 

And you can monitor and record a user’s session without degrading performance for other users, or exposing sensitive information

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