Deliver Better User Experiences with the Zend PHP Debugger

Z-Ray is an enterprise-level PHP debugger that comes with Zend Server. With it, you can:

Tune PHP Performance

See metrics at a glance and make changes on the fly to improve user experience.

Pinpoint Issues

Boost efficiency by drilling down into PHP page-request and database-query metrics.

Get Real-Time Alerts

Define rules for automated monitoring to get instant issue notifications.

View and Record Live Sessions

See what your customers see and record sessions to help with troubleshooting.

Stay in the Dev Flow

Access Z-Ray in your development browser for seamless debugging.

Analyze Specific URLs

Save time with at-a-glance insights for one or more pages.

See the Zend PHP Debugger in Action

This five-minute demo provides a high-level overview of the Z-Ray interface. When you view it, you will explore the interface and see how you can use it to:

  • Find weak spots in your PHP code.
  • Inspect web server requests to quickly see issues that can be hindering performance or creating other issues.
  • Drill down into requests and sub-requests to get detailed information including performance metrics for execution times and peak memory usage.
  • Receive alerts about events and issues that you specify such as php code errors, response times that hit a specific threshold, or high memory usage.
  • Analyze code trace information directly from the Z-Ray interface.
  • Get detailed insights and metrics for database queries performed by requests.
  • Gain detailed information about the PHP functions called by requests, including names, function groups, name spaces, and super globals.
  • Debug other PHP-based applications and frameworks using ready-to-go plugins for technologies such as Magento, Drupal, Symfony, and Zend Framework — as well as others using our API.
  • Enable three access modes for use with your web server, including enabled, secured, and disabled.

Use the Zend PHP Debugger on Other Platforms

Z-Ray has numerous extensions and plugins, so that you can seamlessly debug your code on other open source, PHP-based platforms as well, including Magento, Word Press, Drupal, and Laminas. 

You can also use the Z-Ray Extensibility API to build an extension to other PHP apps, so you can improve your debugging and code testing.

Go to the Zend Gallery to see your Z-Ray plugin and extension options.

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Improve Customer Support With Zend PHP Debugger

Troubleshooting customers’ issues based on phone conversations and email messages can be challenging. With Z-Ray, you can record, monitor, and analyze specific user sessions with a capability called Live Monitoring.

When you use Live Monitoring in Z-Ray, you can:

  • Troubleshoot issues faster by seeing exactly what an individual user sees when they use your application.
  • Know that the tool will not cause performance issues for people using your application, so you can use it at any time.
  • Protect sensitive data and comply with data-protection regulations because anyone who uses the tool can only see the data that they are authorized to see.

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