Carlo Gavazzi Automation

Carlo Gavazzi Automation (Gavazzi) is a global electronics group focused on the design, manufacturing, and marketing of electronic equipment for industrial automation and information processing. Gavazzi relies on a centralized IT department, the heart of which is based on IBM Power Systems running the i operating system. Growing business requirements that demand a web infrastructure have led Gavazzi to search for a solution that will help them web-enable their existing enterprise 5250 applications while continuing to enjoy the application's code as the backbone of business methodology.

Gavazzi chose PHP to modernize their existing 5250 applications. Implementing PHP to web-enable these applications improves both their response time and information consistency. Zend solutions for IBM i offer Gavazzi reliable and readily-available PHP tools to integrate seamlessly with the many i applications that underpin their business operations. By integrating PHP and Zend Solutions for IBM i, Gavazzi Automation is able to leverage existing i application business methodologies, while reducing application development time and offering a user-friendly modernized Web interface.

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