Meet Your Goals and Save Time With Proven, Comprehensive PHP Services

Accelerate the development of new PHP applications and improve user experience by taking advantage of PHP services from Zend, which include:

PHP Long-Term Support

Ensure high availability with enterprise support for PHP 5.6 and newer.

Migration Services

Increase security and cut risk by simplifying PHP application upgrades and migrations.

Continuous Delivery Services

Speed innovation with continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines.

Performance Auditing

Improve user experience by pinpointing and eliminating bottlenecks.

Zend Server Deployment

Boost ROI with Zend Server deployment and PHP training services.

Custom PHP Consulting

Work with an expert to meet your unique PHP application requirements.

Admin as a Service

Simplify PHP web app management with support from our expert team.

Why Choose Zend Services?

When you engage Zend Services, you partner with consultants who offer extensive experience helping organizations meet their business requirements with PHP applications. Our team includes internationally respected PHP architects, Zend Framework experts, Laminas experts, performance optimization specialists, and security consultants.

Get the Right Service

Here’s a quick overview of our PHP services:

PHP Long-Term Support

PHP 5.6 through 7.1 are not supported by the community. If you use these releases, you no longer get bug fixes and security updates, which puts your application security and user experience at risk. Zend provides comprehensive, long-term support for PHP versions for at least five years beyond their initial release date, which can give you the time you need to complete your upgrades — on your timeline.

PHP Migration Services

Need to migrate applications to newer PHP releases — or migrate your PHP framework from Zend Framework to Laminas? Our experts offer extensive experience migrating applications of all sizes and across industries. As a result, you can meet your migration timelines, skip lengthy learning curves, and minimize business disruptions caused by avoidable configuration issues. 

Continuous Delivery Services

Want to accelerate developer efficiency and improve application quality with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines? Our consultants can help you design, deploy, and implement CI/CD pipelines that meet your unique requirements and goals. In addition, you can learn how to use the built-in capabilities in Zend Server to expedite CI/CD optimizations and software integrations. 

Performance Auditing

If you are unable to detect what’s slowing the performance of your PHP applications, our consultants can help by pinpointing issues caused by PHP code, supporting architecture, and application design including interfaces and MVC implementation. Your assessment will also include recommendations for improving scalability and automation, so you can effectively meet future requirements.  

Zend Server Deployment

New to Zend Server? One of our consultants can work with your team on designing, deploying, and managing Zend Server — onsite or in a public cloud. You can also take advantage of various options including basic PHP training, advanced PHP learning, the development of a pilot PHP project, and training for effectively using Zend Server to meet your organization’s goals.

Custom Consulting

Get the on-demand help you need for any of your PHP projects, whether they are short or long-term. Our consultants can provide the skills and expertise you need with projects such as new application design and delivery, workflow optimization, existing application refactoring, and the addition of new technologies or design methodologies such as Mezzio middleware. 

“We encountered a serious problem in our production environment that threatened our web site availability and performance. Zend's consultant conducted a thorough analysis of our project and helped us achieve short-term milestones and long-term goals for site performance and availability. Now we're running our PHP applications with confidence.” 


Fred Schmidt, Manager, Applications Development, VR Systems

Need LTS for Your EOL PHP?

Get patches for your EOL PHP with PHP LTS from Zend. See supported PHP versions via the link below.

PHP Security Center

PHP CVE tracker with expert guidance.

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Request a custom quote for migration assistance, PHP support, and other services.