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When you begin a ZendPHP trial with Zend, you can evaluate the runtime with no strings attached. If it's a fit, our team is ready to provide industry-leading support and LTS options.

Available Trial Zend PHP Linux Runtimes

Trial Zend PHP Linux runtimes include currently Zend and community-supported PHP versions. The trial runtimes are available free for 30 days, and reflect the latest version (updated monthly unless there is no release that month, or a CVE that prompts an early release). Once the trial ends, updates will be limited to those who have agreed to a support contract with Zend.

Community-Supported PHP

The ZendPHP 8.0, 8.1, and 8.2, runtimes are patched and updated to the latest version of their corresponding community-supported versions.


ZendPHP LTS runtimes are patched and updated against known PHP vulnerabilities. 

Get Long Term Support for Your EOL PHP Runtimes With Zend PHP LTS

Zend PHP LTS provides patches, updates, and dedicated support for end of life PHP versions. That makes it easy to support your application while you prepare for your next PHP version upgrade.

Want to see what Zend PHP LTS has to offer?

Image Zend PHP Version Support Chart Comparison 02-2023 8.2

Get Full-Service Support and Guidance for Your PHP Runtime

In addition to LTS, Zend offers full-service support plans for non-LTS runtimes, including web server integration, data source connection, error diagnosis, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a Zend PHP runtime receive updates?

Zend PHP runtimes correspond directly to their applicable release. Zend PHP runtimes will receive updates until their corresponding PHP version reaches end of life. At that point, ongoing updates are available to those with a Zend PHP LTS contract.

How often is a trial Zend PHP runtime updated?

Zend PHP trial runtimes that do not correspond to an EOL PHP version will receive monthly updates unless there are no releases that month, or a critical CVE prompts an earlier release.

How can I get updates after my runtime reaches EOL?

For those using an end of life Zend PHP runtime, ongoing updates and support are available via a Zend PHP LTS contract.

Can I get support for a non-LTS version?

Yes! Zend offers full-service support and guidance for non-LTS PHP versions. Please contact us for more information.

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Get Long Term Support

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