Realize Your Vision Faster With PHP Consulting Services From Zend

Transform your web-application and website ideas into reality. By engaging Zend for Custom PHP Consulting services, you can:

Speed Time to Market

Get the on-demand PHP expertise you need to quickly design, deploy, and scale web applications and microservices that meet your requirements. 

Boost Efficiency

Minimize staff disruptions and learn best practices as you partner with a certified PHP architect who specializes in the technologies and solutions you need.

Cut Risk

Get it right the first time: Zend is the leading provider of enterprise PHP solutions across global industries and is trusted by Fortune 100 companies.

How Our PHP Consulting Services Can Help

We can help your organization with end-to-end PHP application design, implementation, and management — including guidance for:

  • Accelerating custom PHP application design and delivery.
  • Designing PHP production environments.
  • Creating and adopting best practices.
  • Improving PHP management workflows.
  • Adopting the Laminas PHP framework.
  • Using Mezzio middleware.
  • Architecting and scaling microservices.
  • Refactoring applications to deliver better user experiences and ROI.
  • Automating workflows including DevOps.
  • Improving app elasticity and scalability. 

What Does a PHP Consulting Service Engagement Look Like?

Although every one of our projects is unique, we always follow a basic three-step process.

Initial Discovery

When an organization contacts us, we quickly setup a discovery meeting, by phone or onsite, whichever you prefer. During the initial discovery, we collect the information we need to create a complete project plan. This includes working with you to understand:

  • Your solution vision — for your initial release and for long-term usage.
  • What new and existing technologies need to interoperate with your new solution.
  • Other requirements that need to be met around factors such as uptime, scale, traffic, and regulatory compliance.
  • Your expectations for working with us, including whether you want your consultant to independently work on your project or collaborate with one or more of your teams so they can learn.

Creating Your Solution Plan

After we have conducted the initial discovery, we quickly provide you with a detailed solution proposal for your PHP consulting that includes:

  • A project timeline that includes dates for key project milestones.
  • Identified risks and plans for mitigating.
  • An outline of the processes our team will take to complete your project, including delegation of tasks.
  • A plan for delivery, which can be remote or onsite.

Completion of Your Project

When you approve your solution plan, we move forward right away to meet your timelines and requirements, using proven best practices.

Common Questions We Hear

I have an urgent deadline. Can Zend PHP Consulting meet my timeline?

We specialize in providing on-demand help with PHP projects — even when deadlines are tight. Contact us for specifics.

Why should I use Zend PHP Consulting instead of another vendor?

For peace of mind. All our consultants are certified in PHP and can rapidly develop modern, highly reliable solutions.

Does Zend PHP Consulting include training for my developers?

Your consultant can provide mentoring to your developers during deployment, so they learn during your engagement. We also partner with Zend Training Services.

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