Free, On-Demand, or Instructor-Led PHP Training 

Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced PHP developer who wants to increase or hone your PHP skills? Have you inherited a PHP application, but don't have a team with the skills needed to manage that application? 

Zend PHP experts teach a wide variety of free, on-demand, and instructor-led PHP courses fit for all skill levels. Whether you're on your own, or have a team that wants to level up your skills, Zend has a variety of free, on-demand, and instructor-led online PHP training ready to suit your needs.

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Instructor-Led PHP Training

Zend instructor-led PHP training offers a world-class learning experience for PHP developers and PHP teams that want to level up their PHP development knowledge and skills. From PHP foundations, to unit testing, to developing WordPress plugins, our instructor-led PHP courses cover top topics for developers today.

Free and On-Demand PHP Training Classes

Zend now offers free and on-demand online PHP training. These courses are great for beginner or intermediate PHP teams, and cover everything from how to install PHP to how to build interactive web forms.

Why Choose Zend for PHP Training?

Our PHP course instructors have proven experience helping people and global organizations use PHP to meet their requirements. You can also choose from onsite or online PHP training courses, making it easier to meet individual and group-training needs. Not seeing the PHP training option your team needs? Contact us today to explore custom consulting and training options for your team.

Complete PHP Training Courses, Earn Exclusive Badges

Complete Zend training courses, earn badges, then share your skills with the world! Every time you complete a free, on-demand, or instructor-led Zend training course, you earn an exclusive badge that is showcased in your profile.

Want to share your accomplishment on social media?  Easily share your earned badges on LinkedIn and X directly from your Earned Badges section.

Try ZendPHP for Free

Start your free 30-day trial to see how fully-supported PHP runtimes from Zend work in your environment plus get access to ZendHQ, our set of unparralelled PHP observability and orchestration tooling.

Need LTS for Your EOL PHP?

We provide patches and bug fixes for EOL PHP. See our supported versions here.

Have Questions for Our Team?

Have questions about our training offerings? Want info on our products and services? Contact us today.

Zend Training Frequently Asked Questions

Which PHP Course Is Best?

The best PHP training course will depend on your team's knowledge level, availability, and learning style. To serve as many developers as possible, Zend offers a variety of PHP courses to match your needs. Choose between on-demand or instructor-led courses, an onsite or online PHP course, individual or group PHP training, and more.

Each Zend PHP training course is led by an expert with extensive PHP knowledge and proven experience assisting global PHP teams. Scroll up to find the right PHP course for you!

Can I Learn PHP On My Own?

Technically, yes, you can learn PHP on your own. However, by taking advantage of PHP training led by a qualified instructor, such as the Zend team, you can significantly speed up your learning curve and get to work much sooner than learning on your own. Each Zend PHP training course has been designed to guide your learning journey, help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls, and equip you with the skills you need to successfully manage a PHP application.

Does Zend Offer an Online PHP Course?

Yes! Zend offers a full range of online PHP training ranging from beginner to advanced. Each of our PHP courses have been developed by our expert team. For more information on our available PHP training modules and to explore available online PHP courses, scroll to the top of this page and peruse your options.

Onsite PHP training options are also available.

Does Zend Offer Beginner PHP Courses?

Yes, Zend offers beginner PHP courses, including instructor-led options and on-demand online PHP training, links to which are available at the top of this page. We also offer a variety of free online PHP resources for new developers. After signing up for a beginner PHP course, check out these blog posts:

Does Zend Offer Advanced PHP Courses?

Yes, Zend offers advanced onsite and online PHP courses. Scroll up to the top of this page to explore both on-demand and instructor-led PHP training, and connect with a Zend expert to discuss more advanced options. In the meantime, check out these free online PHP resources: