Improve User Experience with a PHP Performance Audit

Want faster, more scalable PHP applications? Take advantage of the Zend PHP Performance Audit service for expert PHP performance testing and PHP performance tuning.

The Zend PHP Performance Audit is based on a comprehensive methodology that we have developed over time by working with hundreds of global clients, across industries. During your engagement, our experts analyze your PHP applications and provide specific recommendations for:


Architecture Analysis

Identify hidden issues in your architecture and get specific recommendations for eliminating them. Our experts conduct PHP performance tests on your applications to evaluate:

  • Database engine and queries’ I/O.
  • OS and file system.
  • Web server.
  • Clusters.
  • Interfaces.
  • Dependencies including services.
  • MVC implementation.

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Code Review

Accelerate application performance and cut risk. Our consultants will analyze your PHP code to ensure that it:

  • Is consistent and compliant with your methodologies.
  • Meets PHP best practices.
  • Is maintainable and supportable.

Scalability Assessment

Discover how well your PHP applications can scale to meet future requirements by working with our consultants to evaluate their: 

  • Performance consistency.
  • Ability to meet traffic increases.
  • Horizontal scalability behavior.
  • Single points of failure.

Flexibility and Automation

Understand how you can better meet future requirements with your PHP applications. Our consultants assess your applications’:

  • Elasticity, including auto scaling.
  • Portability across clouds.
  • Deployment automation.

Architecture and PHP Performance Tuning Recommendations

When your assessment is complete, our consultants review your PHP applications’ bottlenecks — and risks that can impede your ability to meet your requirements, including SLAs for performance and availability. Our recommendations often include specific suggestions involving:

  • PHP code optimization.
  • PHP engine settings.
  • Byte code acceleration optimization.
  • Data-caching techniques.
  • Page-caching techniques.
  • Database query optimization.
  • Tasks distribution and job queue utilization.
  • I/O improvements.
  • OS and file system performance enhancements.
  • Web server performance enhancements.
  • Load balancing best practices.
  • The use of frameworks and external libraries.

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