Why Partner With Zend for Your Next PHP Migration?

Zend Professional Services have a sterling reputation in the PHP space dating back over 20 years. Our PHP experts have helped countless companies upgrade and modernize their business-critical PHP applications.

"The Zend team ensured our modernization project was minimally disruptive to our engineering teams, and ultimately saved us upward of 20 weeks of engineering work."

“Zend has a great reputation in the PHP space, and a solid track record for executing successful migration projects. Ultimately, it made our decision very easy.”

“I would definitely recommend Zend to teams that are performing PHP upgrades. The Zend professional services team allowed us to focus on developing new features that will improve user satisfaction and further strengthen our marketplace experience, while still modernizing our application infrastructure."

“When modernizing our platform, it was really nice to find the Zend team. They are very professional and guarantee their work, which is important when you run your own business and need that online business to run smoothly.”

"Contracting Zend Professional Services provided us access to the exact specialized experts that we needed to meet our customer timeline obligations and to provide us with the confidence that our PHP upgrade was performed correctly."

Why Using the Latest PHP Matters

Adopting the newest PHP versions is critical for maintaining compliance and security – and ensures you’re delivering the best possible experience to your users.

When you upgrade to the latest PHP version, you get access to a new wave of performance improvements, as well as new features and functionalities that can make your product better, faster, and more competitive. It also means that you’re not exposing your application, or customers, via unpatched CVEs.

Boost Performance

New PHP versions unlock faster app performance, meaning better experiences for your users.

Increase Security

The latest PHP versions add new security capabilities, ensuring your application is as secure as possible.

Minimize Costs

Performance improvements can lead to decreased hosting costs and better business outcomes.

Ensure Compliance

Migrating to community-supported PHP ensures your PHP is patched against known vulnerabilities.

Improve User Experience

New features and performance improvements mean better experiences for your hard-earned users.

Get Help Migrating Zend Framework to Laminas

Whether you use Zend Framework 1, 2, or 3 — or a different application framework altogether, you can engage Zend Migration Services to help you adopt Laminas. When you do, our consultants will provide guidance in architecture design and development best practices.

Laminas (formerly Zend Framework) is an open source framework for developing PHP web applications and web services that is functionally equivalent to Zend Framework 3. Compared with Zend Framework 2, Laminas:

  • Runs up to 4x faster.
  • Supports open architectures based on middleware or MVC that adhere to PHP-FIG standards.
  • Provides improved security capabilities including bcrypt password storage and AES-256 encryption.

For more information about the transition of Zend Framework to Laminas, read this blog.

Image Mockup Zend Framework 3

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