Ewing Irrigation

"Digging through miles of Apache logs. . .was always arduous at best, but with Zend Server it was very easy to find the bugs and problems that happened."

Ewing Irrigation Improves Magento E-Commerce Site Performance with Zend Server

Freddy Giordano from Ewing Irrigation explains how the company boosts the performance of its Magento e-commerce site and streamlines issue resolution by using Zend Server. He also tells how Ewing Irrigation has improved developer efficiency with Zend Server plus onsite training from Zend Services.

Previously, Developers Struggled to Manage Magento

Ewing Irrigation has a suite of PHP websites, including its main e-commerce site that runs on Magento and IBM i systems. However, the complexity of the environment meant that developers were spending too much time managing the site. Identifying underlying issues took significant time and it was challenging to add new capabilities.

With Zend Server, Developers Save Time and Have More Insight

To address its issues, Ewing Irrigation deployed Zend Server. Today, developers have real-time insight into software issues instead of having to manually sort through log files to try and discover underlying issues. So not only does the site run more smoothly, but also developers now have time to focus on more important tasks.

Adding new capabilities to its Magento site is also easier with Zend Server. Developers use the built-in Z-Ray debugger to quickly see issues including database mismanagement, function inefficiencies, and other bottlenecks. 

Targeted Training from Zend Services Also Boosts Overall Efficiency

Because Ewing Irrigation has such a unique IBM i implementation, the company also engaged Zend Services to spend one week onsite and deliver custom training. As a result, developers received the targeted training they needed to understand how to use all the capabilities in Zend Server to meet their specific requirements, which helps drive long-term gains in overall efficiency.