Sensational Brain Modernizes Their PHP With Professional Services From Zend

Sensational Brain is a website dedicated to helping children with developmental needs while empowering the therapists, teachers, and parents who work with them. The site also operates BrainWorks, a diet tool for children with sensory needs.

With no other product offering as many customizable templates, Sensational Brain’s offering is in high demand. However, the Sensational Brain team struggled to find a PHP solution for their growing website. 

After contacting multiple developers and not finding the right fit, the Sensational Brain team contacted the Zend team and ultimately picked Zend as their PHP support solution.

When modernizing our platform, it was really nice to find the Zend team. They are very professional and guarantee their work, which is important when you run your own business and need that online business to run smoothly.


Outdated PHP and Lack of Developer Support Left Sensational Brain Searching For Help

Sensational Brain’s website was created by the original owner and her brother in 2010. In April 2018, the website underwent a major redesign. During that upgrade, their developer noticed that upgrading PHP to 7.4 broke the print function. Having just completed a major renovation, the only course of action was to wait and see and hope. 

When ownership changed last year, new leadership brought fresh ideas. The time was right to explore. The first step was to upgrade the PHP. The Sensational Brain team was told by one developer that this was an inexpensive fix. However, the “inexpensive fix” turned out to be anything but, and a solution was still not found.

This led to a month-long search for new help. In the meantime, their site was left unsecured with outdated PHP. Developers had even begun emailing the team to let them know their site was vulnerable and needed to be secured. 

Finding the right support took time. After meeting with developers who didn’t honor commitments or who didn’t know a solution, the team was frustrated. And that’s when Sensational Brain found the Zend team and immediately set up a free consultation.

Zend Provides Timely, Professional Support for Sensational Brain

After the initial meeting, the Sensational Brain team knew the Zend team would get the job done while communicating every step of the way. Their Zend developer made sure the Sensational Brain team saw the site before it went live, and gave them the opportunity to test the new features and functionality. Zend professional services even made sure to set up a Zoom call to walk through site maintenance and WordPress integrations.

With Zend’s professional services help, the Sensational Brain team received the support they needed to launch a newer, more secure site. Zend’s professional services team made sure there was no service interruption during the launch so that Sensational Brain’s customers could access everything they needed. Now, the Sensational Brain team is equipped for success with Zend at their side to support any of their ongoing PHP needs.

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