Code Editor

Code Editor

You can save time using features in the intelligent code editor including intuitive code assist, smart code completion, refactoring, and real-time error validation and analysis. The intelligent code editor also supports the latest PHP 7, as well as the older versions of PHP for compatibility with legacy projects. And you can use it with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Zend Studio also includes split-editor functionality and multi-cursor support.

Debugging and PHP Profiler

Zend Studio supports Xdebug, Zend Debugger, and Z-Ray in Zend Server. 

You can dramatically boost efficiency by using Z-Ray with Zend Studio. Z-Ray provides real-time debugging and application-performance insights, along with other capabilities. And, if you have both products, you can open a debugging or profiling session in Z-Ray — and then fix the code and performance issues using Zend Studio.

Source Control, PHP Unit Testing, and Built-In Tools

Enhanced source control integration helps you work smoothly with SVN, CVS, Git, and GitHub. You can easily import existing repositories into your workspace and collaborate with other team members.

Streamlined PHPUnit workflows for writing and running unit tests can help you write more reliable code.

The integrated PHPDocumentor 2 facilitates a quick and easy generation of user-friendly documentation.

Zend Studio also gives you access to the Eclipse Marketplace, which includes an extensive ecosystem of add-on features and plugins.


Docker Support

Zend Studio includes new Docker tooling that supports the management of Docker images and containers. As a result, you can run, test, and debug PHP applications in Docker containers.

Git Flow Support

Zend Studio integrates with EGit 4.2 and 4.3, so you can use the Git Flow branching model . 

Installation as an Eclipse Plugin

Zend Studio is based on the latest version of Eclipse. So if you already use Eclipse as a development platform, you can install the Zend Studio plugin directly from your development environment.

Web Server Integration

Zend Studio runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and IBM i platforms — on-premises and in public clouds.  

And it works seamlessly with Zend Server 9 and earlier, which is based on a certified PHP stack.

Web Server Integration

Framework Support

Zend Studio supports PHP frameworks such as Zend Framework, Laravel, and Symfony. So you can use built-in tools in Zend Studio to build framework-based applications that feature proper structure, files, and directories. 

You can also take advantage of features such as automated module creation, view helpers and controllers, and enhanced content assist for services and variables.

Apigility Integration for API Building

Because Zend Studio integrates with Apigility, you can easily create, document, and test RPC or RESTful services using Apigility’s editor — without writing any connectivity code. So you can focus on your application's business logic instead of client-server integration.

Cloud Deployment

Cloud Deployment

Zend Studio works with leading cloud platforms, such as Amazon AWS, IBM Bluemix and SoftLayer, Red Hat OpenShift, and Microsoft Azure. You can easily deploy your PHP applications on public or private clouds using built-in cloud-deployment capabilities.

PHP 7 Support

PHP 7 is the default interpreter for Zend Studio, and all new projects are configured for PHP 7.

Zend Studio supports the newest scripting concepts in PHP 7, such as return type declarations, anonymous classes, the spaceship operator, group use declarations, and scalar type hints.

PHP 7 express, a built-in migration tool, makes the transition to PHP 7 easier and faster by:

  • Scaning existing projects for compatibility issues such as removed and deprecated usages, or new reserved words in PHP 7.
  • Pointing you to the line of code where any issue is detected, and suggesting quick fixes.
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