Ready to Optimize and Scale Your PHP Apps?

Modern PHP apps are complex, and scaling these apps to meet demand isn’t always as straightforward (or cheap) as teams hope.

The combination of ZendHQ and ZendPHP makes it easy for teams to monitor, inspect, optimize, automate, secure, and scale their PHP apps.

  • Monitoring  - Detect issues before they become big issues
  • Code Tracing – Quickly find and fix issues in your production apps
  • Security – Deploy secure PHP — even if it’s end of life
  • Automation – Easily automate and manage recurring jobs

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Key ZendHQ Features and Functionalities

Everything You Need to Optimize Your PHP Application

ZendHQ includes features designed to help your team improve and optimize your PHP-based applications, including:  

  • Monitoring
  • Code Tracing
  • Automation
  • And more 

PHP App Monitoring and Alerts

Monitor your applications for problematic events, including:  

  • Slow execution times
  • High memory or CPU usage
  • Errors and other issues

Plus, ZendHQ can be configured to capture detailed code traces on any of these events for easy troubleshooting. 

ZendHQ Monitoring

High Impact Code Tracing

Easily identify, diagnose, and resolve issues in your production PHP applications with ZendHQ Code Tracing.

ZendHQ provides detailed information on execution time, memory consumption, database queries, and other critical areas of PHP applications to help teams proactively profile their code, identify bottlenecks, and work to fix issues and prevent future issues from occurring. 

Easily Automate and Manage Jobs

JobQueue, included in ZendHQ, makes it easy for teams to scale their PHP applications via:

  • Job Deferment - defer long-running processes in order to return an immediate response.
  • Job Scheduling - schedule work to happen when more computational power is available.
  • Recurring Jobs - schedule regularly-occurring work on a set cadence. 

Get Instant Application Insights With Z-Ray

Z-Ray provides application-level insight into requests to your application or API, making it easy to identify, understand, and remediate complex issues within your application.

Z-Ray can be used for:

  • Identifying root causes of problems
  • Profiling your application
  • Understanding application flow
  • And more
image showing z-ray in zendhq

How ZendPHP and ZendHQ Fit Together

ZendHQ serves as an intermediary layer between ZendPHP and your application storage, webhooks, and graphical interface.

Why Leading Companies Choose ZendPHP and ZendHQ

The combination of ZendPHP and ZendHQ gives companies unparalleled tooling for deploying, automating, and monitoring PHP applications efficiently at scale. 

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Save on Hosting Costs

Optimized PHP applications — at scale — equals decreased hosting overhead.

Ensure Security

ZendPHP and ZendHQ make it easy to fully deploy-fully patched PHP — even if it's end of life.

Deploy at Scale

ZendPHP and ZendHQ are built to scale meaning your app is always ready to accommodate demand.

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