Benefits of ZendHQ

ZendHQ provides observability tooling for ZendPHP, which includes:


Monitoring your application for problematic events, including slow execution time, high memory or CPU usage, or errors.


The ability to define application-specific events and data of interest, and drill into that information for any request, using Z-Ray.


Orchestration capabilities via an architecture designed from the ground up to accommodate cloud and container orchestration paradigms.

How ZendPHP and ZendHQ Fit Together

ZendHQ serves as an intermediary layer between ZendPHP and your application storage, webhooks, and graphical interface.

ZendHQ Product Diagram

How It Works

ZendHQ consists of several pieces:

  • Extensions for ZendPHP.
  • ZendHQ itself, which receives information from ZendPHP extensions, and then stores or relays that information.
  • Storage plugins, which store historical information collected by ZendHQ.
  • ZendIQ, for viewing data from ZendHQ.
ZendHQ Monitoring

The ZendPHP extensions provide:

  • Monitoring, which uses consumer-created rules to trigger events to send to ZendHQ. These include information such as slow execution, high memory usage, high CPU usage, errors, and more.
  • Z-Ray, which allows plugins to hook into application-specific events and execution in order to provide detailed, application-specific insights.
Image ZendHQ ZRay

See ZendHQ in Action

This short demo provides a high-level overview of the ZendHQ functionality.

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