• Default customer web server port on IBM i Apache instance changed from 10080 to 10280 (ZEND-2258)
  • Updated PHP versions to,,
    • PHP CVE fixes after 2019.0.7: CVE-2021-21703, CVE-2021-21704, CVE-2021-21705, CVE-2021-21706, CVE-2021-21707
    • Backported functionality improvement for PHP 7.1: TLSv1.2 functionality for MySql
  • GeoIP library dynamic linking (required due to licensing type)


  • Fix: Removed PHPRC env variable in IBMi fastcgi.conf, now proper php.ini file is being used for active php version (ZEND-1348, ZEND-1486, ZEND-1773, ZEND-2002, ZEND-1773))
  • Fix: Filled Installation_UID placeholder in IBMi fastcgi.conf (ZEND-1182)
  • Fix: ZendMonitor segfault (ZEND-1488)
  • Fix: Buffer overflow fix (ZEND-2046)
  • Fix: HTTPS GUI access on linux, lighttpd is updated to v1.4.64
  • Fix: Broken jqd.ini file caused "Unable to connect to Job Queue server" (ZEND-797, ZEND-1007)
  • Fix: jobqueueAddJob output in JSON format (ZEND-2127)

Updated extensions

  • xdebug 2.9.8 in all versions (ZEND-1485)
  • ssh2 extension v.1.3.1, libssh2 version to 1.9.0 (ZEND-2071)
  • ibm_db2 2.1.5
  • imagick 3.5.0 (Windows receives 3.7.0)
  • mongodb 1.11.1
  • pdo_ibm 1.4.2
  • redis 5.3.5
  • sqlsrv extension versions 5.9.0 (PHP 7.3), 5.8.1 (PHP 7.2), 5.6.1 (PHP 7.1); Windows installer sets up MS ODBC driver v 17.9
  • IBM i PHP Toolkit 1.9.1 (ZEND-1367)
  • ZendServerSDK to version 1.2.0 (ZEND-1224)
  • Backport Olson timezonedb from latest PHP to LTS PHP versions (ZEND-2287)
  • Apache v2.4.53 in Windows package
  • Oracle Instant Client updated to version for all PHP versions on Windows (ZEND-1801)
  • MySql installer for Windows version 5.7.37, MySql server version 5.7.36 (ZEND-2389)


  • sqlsrv / pdo_sqlsrv extensions for Linux distributions (ZEND-1177)
  • Compile GD extension with WebP support - Linux, IBM i (ZEND-2168)

Known issues

  • When changing configuration parameter via GUI, sometimes the order of parameters list is shuffled after saving.(ZEND-2190)
  • JobQueue email notifications not working reliably (ZEND-265)
  • GUI Time Not Synced With PHP & Services (ZEND-1206)
  • The export of monitor rules doesn't contain all necessary data (ZEND-2106)
  • ppc64 linux not supported, planned for 2019.2.0