• webp support for gd extension, linux and IBM i (ZEND-2255,2084)


  • jobqueueAddJob output in JSON format (ZEND-2244)
  • ZendServer MonitorNode schema check with invalid version  (ZEND-2077)
  • Vhost attach functionality with Nginx (ZEND-2351)
  • Installation on RHEL8, apache php-fpm setup (ZEND-2454)
  • Removed php-fpm binary from IBM i package (ZEND-2369)
  • IBM i green screen ZS info page errors (ZEND-2166)
  • PHP version check failure on zpk install (ZEND-1961)
  • Unable to Save changes after switching GUI tabs in ZS Settings (ZEND-2249)
  • Change UI License Expiration information for IBM i (suggesting ZendPHP) (ZEND-1141)
  • ZDD lock issues (zend_deployment.detect_apps ignored) (ZEND-1952)
  • Application defining failures (ZEND-2291)


  • PHP versions (incl. TLSv1.2 support for mysql),,, 7.4.30.
  • ZendServerSDK v.1.2.1 (ZEND-2451)
  • PHPToolkit for IBM i v.1.9.1 (ZEND-2161)
  • angularJs update to 1.8.2 Perforce release (ZEND-2423,2434)

CVE fixes

  • mysqlnd: Fixed bug #81719: mysqlnd/pdo password buffer overflow. (CVE-2022-31626)
  • pgsql: Fixed bug #81720: Uninitialized array in pg_query_params(). (CVE-2022-31625)

PECL extensions updated

  • IBM_DB2 extension v.2.1.5 for PHP v>=7.3 (not compatible with PHP 7.2) (ZEND-2172)
  • ssh2 extension v.1.3.1 (ZEND-2165)
  • pdo_ibm v.1.4.2
  • imagick v.3.7.0 (Windows v.3.5.0)
  • mongodb v. 1.11.1
  • redis v.5.3.5


  • Windows installer: changed misleading message during upgrade (PHP version change) (ZEND-2230)
  • installer contains Apache 2.4.53
  • MS ODBC drivers v.17 (for sqlsrv ext)
  • vcredist c++ 64 bit VS2017


  • lighttpd v.1.4.64


  • Support tool improvements: display created spool file location (ZEND-2167)
  • Added shell script on IBM i for running php scripts from green screen (ZEND-2374)
    • Sample use: CALL PGM(QP2SHELL) PARM('/usr/local/zendphp74/bin/' 'test.php')
    • Script output is stored as process print file, not displayed on the terminal screen.

Extra notes

Upgrade from 2019.x.x to 2021.2.0 on RHEL8 may fail, reporting:

Problem: cannot install the best update candidate for package liboci8-zend-

  • nothing provides needed by liboci8-zend-

To continue from such a situation, liboci8-zend package (new version) should be installed manually.

sudo yum install -y liboci8-zend

Then restart the upgrade sequence from the step (including) that caused the error (re-run repository installer or other method you have chosen for ZendServer upgrade).

Known problems (fix postponed)

  • php-fpm restart on Linux.

    Related to PHP version change through GUI. php-fpm processes do not restart automatically. As a workaround, php-fpm should be restarted manually from the console after switching PHP version:

    sudo /usr/local/zend/bin/ restart
  • JobQueue misbehavior during DST change (DST end in October).

    Jobs scheduled during the hour of DST change get executed large number of times. No known easy workaround. One option is to temporarily disable specific jobs for the specific DST change time period.