In this release

  • Take advantage of Zend Server's new Library Deployment capability: easily create and deploy PHP libraries to Zend Server, or import an existing .zpk library package to use in Zend Studio. Define library dependencies for your application. Use new PHP APIs to work with libraries.

  • Manage and use Zend Studio's centralized PHP libraries in your projects, preventing the need to duplicate libraries across apps.

  • Benefit from full integration with ZendServer 6.1: applications and libraries deployment, automatic localhost detection, debug mode and application monitoring.

  • Be more productive thanks to bug fixes and improvements of the Remote Systems feature, Zend Framework 2 projects, Symfony and Composer feature integration, code assist, static code analysis and integration (see Fixed Bugs & Improvements sections below).

System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems:
    • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 (Internet Explorer 9 or higher required for Mobile GUI Editor)
    • Linux x86, Linux x86-64
    • OS X 10.7 Lion, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • 1.5GHz processor
  • 2GB RAMs
  • 1GB of hard disk space

Updating from Zend Studio 9.0.x

Updating from Zend Studio 10.0.0 Beta

  • Zend Studio 10 Beta release was built on top of Eclipse 4.2 but for better performance we decided to use Eclipse 3.8 for the official release. This base platform version downgrade will NOT allow updates from Zend Studio 10.0.0 Beta to the official release.    

Migrating to Zend Studio 10.1.0

  • Zend Studio 10 starts with a default workspace: /Zend/workspaces/DefaultWorkspace. If this workspace was used by previous version of Zend Studio it is recommended to create a new workspace and import all projects from older workspaces to the new one after first startup.


  • Product documentation is available through the web GUI of the product, and on-line.

Known Issues

  • Shutting down Zend Studio when Mobile GUI Editor has been used may crash JVM on Linux. This is mostly visible when restarting Zend Studio. If restart interrupts in the middle then Zend Studio must be started manually.

  • Detecting local Zend Server ('Add New Target' -> 'Detect Local') doesn't work on Windows 8.


    • Add your local Zend Server via 'Add New Target' -> 'Zend Server' using API key.
  • Cloud Connected Mobile project on IBM i: Due to a limitation in the rewrite module of the IBM i Apache, rewrite rules that enables pretty URLs will not work out of the box.

    For example, instead of using:

    • http://server.address/appname/getCustomers

    one would have to use:

    • http://server.address/appname/index.php/getCustomers


    • Manually enable pretty URLs by adding a RewriteBase statement to the .htaccess file, right below RewriteEngine On. For example for the case above:

      RewriteEngine On
      RewriteBase /appname
  • Cloud Connected Mobile project works out-of-the box only when deployed to Apache server (.htaccess based configuration). Running Cloud Connected Mobile project on IIS Server requires URL Rewrite module with imported rules from .htaccess file.

  • Using Web Mobile emulator on Windows requires Internet Explorer 'Access data sources across domains' option enabled:

    • Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Security tab -> Security level ->
    • Custom level -> Miscellaneous -> Access data sources across domains -> Enable -> OK -> Apply
  • The default Apache 'Server API CGI/FastCGI' mode on Windows does not forward the 'Authorization' request header; this will cause the Zend Server Gateway Authentication step to fail.


    • Uncomment the following two lines in the public/.htaccess file of Cloud Connected Mobile project:

      RewriteCond %{HTTP:Authorization} ^(.*)
      RewriteRule .* - [e=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%1]
  • Using Android Development Toolkit (ADT) on Linux x86-64 requires installation of ia32-libs:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install ia32-libs
  • Several issues reported when installing Zend Toolbar on Linux Ubuntu and Fedora with Mozilla Firefox browser. As a workaround, download and install the browser extension from:

Fixed Bugs

  • 409406 PSR-2 and PHP Conventions maximum line length for comments
  • 353698 Highlight current function in Outline
  • 407768 Zend Studio’s Code Formatter contribution to PDT
  • 407489 Use statement is added above namespace causing error
  • 396654 Content Assist in PHPdoc for inline @link does not work
  • 405857 Bug in code assist support for $GLOBALS
  • 405844 Code assist for arrays closes without assisting
  • Files uploaded automatically to the FTP/SFTP after opening a closed remote project
  • Remote Server Support is not accepting a server format ( as a project directory name
  • PHP Functions view - "Topic not found" for standard php functions in "Zend site" and "PHP manual"
  • Importing parameters in Deploy PHP Application wizard takes no effect - the expected parameters are not displayed.
  • Zend Studio should not change for imported projects
  • Missing text in deployment.xml for required parameters
  • RESTful Resource Details Dialog > Browse button doesn't set the selected class in text field
  • Cannot open MySQL Connection in Targets view
  • Openshift - Notification error dialog without text
  • Null pointer exception in marking a word in the php editior
  • Github error message (unable to connect/create a new connection to Github)
  • Source->format causes fatal error
  • Zend Studio closes spontaneously on Kubuntu 13.04
  • JSON extension is missing in Linux x64 build of the php-cgi
  • Formatter removes a ( and breaks the code
  • "Refresh"/ "Create repository" buttons don't not work in PHP project from GitHub wizard
  • PHP Formatter removes code
  • Enabling Automatic Upload process is slow for Openshift and Phpcloud
  • New Class wizard doesn't work with PHP Interpreter 5.1/5.2
  • Incorrect warning about unused 'use' statement
  • Deployment to Zend Server with expired license does not work correctly
  • Incorrect errors about "Class 'SessionStorage' must implement.." when ZF2 from /vendor is added to BuildPath
  • Code assist for arrays closes without assisting
  • Code assist for array offsets includes double-quotes, instead of single-quotes
  • New files (added through Zend Studio) are not automatically added to the Deployment Package
  • Deploying/exporting an app does not prompt to save unsaved documents
  • Typo in warning dialog for New PHP Trait wizard
  • Cannot create class/interface for PHP5 project
  • Incorrect errors about 'Two or more traits...' when ZF2 from /vendor is added to BuildPath
  • Welcome page - no "Learn more" link for Terminal extra feature.
  • The tutorials link on the welcome page is still set to beta
  • Links to docs for extra plugins
  • Documentation: PHPDepend help page not found
  • Create a Web services project using corresponding link in Mobile project properties - wrong behavior
  • Zend Server detection problem when changing port and docroot settings.
  • Php/phtml file type seems not recognized in file properties
  • Some events do not pop-up in Zend Studio after performing deletion of events on the server
  • Selection Job Title has encountered a problem
  • Enabling tagret monitoring for sleeping container = Error pop up
  • PHP CodeSniffer not working
  • Help - gets plain text instead of a link
  • Documentation - few pages are not found in Help
  • No selection in outline when cursor is on a variable inside a function
  • Adding a localhost server through Add Zend Server in Target wizard does not use the correct port
  • Deployment Wizard - Validate Application URL base on project location


  • Update built-in Zend Framework version to 2.2.1
  • Update Zen-Coding extra feature to Emmet
  • Improve sleeping/hibernating containers detection
  • Texts/labels improvement in CCM project
  • It is not very clear if the filters in Debug Mode preferences are negative or positive
  • Suggest Web Services project when opening the wizard from within a mobile project's property page
  • Add a link from the 'Web Services' property page, for opening the 'New Web Sevices Project' wizard
  • Add New Target wizard does not provide useful information on HTTP 401
  • There should be a way to edit the default Apache port or app URL in Zend Server Target wizard